3 ways to be real sexy for a man, when your magnificent figure is far from ideal

Regardless of how women look, they sometimes dissuade themselves from dating under the pretext of their alleged physical disabilities. Moreover, such thoughts are peculiar to all women, regardless of their shape and size. The stereotype about the unattractiveness of female fullness is a typical example from the list of reasons why single plus size women are afraid of dating and sex.

Of course, delicious women have their own problems, but dating should not be one of them. And not only because dating affects the quality of life in general, but also because it significantly affects a healthy sex life. And ladies weighty virtues deprive themselves of this pleasure, burrowing into their complexes.

So, what magnificent women should do to fall in love with those parts of the figure that they are embarrassed, and transform?

Wake up your personality and sexuality

When a woman feels sexy, she radiates sexuality, and men (and other women too) find her like that.

Some ladies are just lucky to have an inner core of confidence from birth. He just is and that's it. But even those women who were not destined to be born with the “I am sexy” gene can easily learn to feel that way. The key is to listen and believe when you are told that you are attractive.

The paradox is that when such compliments sound, many full ladies still don't believe in it. This unbelief must be overcome. Of course, it is not easy to do this when everybody around insists that fullness is asexual. But where do all these conversations come from? Basically, from people who sell us all sorts of nonsense. They want us to feel inferior, and then we will be ready to pay them for all sorts of diets, cosmetics, clothing and procedures. They specifically lie.

Men themselves claim that neither shape nor body size have anything to do with attraction to a particular woman. Her physical attractiveness, including the very "chemistry", and personal qualities, and intelligence, and everything else depends on how sexy and sensual she feels.

Men emphasize that they are crazy when an appetizing lady feels sensual and is confident in her sexuality. But they don’t like the fact that most women don’t have any control over their bodies and often let everyone drift on the principle of “relax and enjoy”.

Give yourself compliments every day.

If you think that you cannot choose something pleasant in yourself, then just say something general or neutral in the style of "well, here I am."

It will be right, and at the same time make you accept yourself as you are. As soon as you agree with this, go to the daily “today I look pretty good” or something like that, but wait until you believe it yourself. The point is that you should never belittle yourself. If you can not praise yourself, then at least say something objectively neutral - something that you can believe.

Get in the habit of feeling your sexuality

The next step is to get used to feeling sexy. Get used to it. Your sexuality is a part of your life as a woman and as a person. And an appetizing woman also needs to expand her capabilities in erotic and sexual terms, like any other.

As soon as you manage to separate dissatisfaction with yourself from your self-perception, then dating and sexual relations will no longer be attached to your appearance. In the end, you will be able to work hard to always please yourself and experience sexual pleasure. As soon as you accept your body as it is, you will find a man who will consider you extraordinarily sexy. And you get the best sex in your life and more.

Sexual pleasure is intended not only for "beautiful and fit." This is your natural right as a person. Do not pay attention to people and brands that are trying to make you feel "inferior." Return to yourself what belongs to you.