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How to smile to look seductive in the eyes of a man

Since the "selfie" appeared, the art of posing for photos has become available not only to models, but also to ordinary people. We ourselves can invent poses for ourselves, process photos the way we like it. However, we do not think about how other Instagram, Facebook or Tinder users see us in our photos.

As it turned out, the photos in which the girls tilt their heads to one side are the most attractive, according to the study of the Coffee Meets Bagel dating application. The application studied 300 lonely users and found out that the most “likes” collected photos of smiling girls with a bowed head (71%), 58% of users liked girls who smile widely and show teeth, 24% liked smiling girls with closed lips.

True curious? Perhaps this is due to the fact that the head bent on the side means flirting or friendliness, it is less threatening posture than when a person looks directly into the camera. Only 17% of the photos they liked did not smile and, surprisingly, 2% were laughing at the photos. It would seem that laughter means that the person is cheerful and positive, but the users of the application, apparently, do not agree with this.

These rules do not apply to men. Among the most liked photos of men, 79% smile widely, and 26% smile with their heads bowed. 16% do not smile at all in their photos; 5% smile with their mouth closed and no one, absolutely no one laughs. I think that Coffee Meets Bagel users are looking for something different in a person, but not a sense of humor.

So, girls, if you want to look your best in a photo, turn your head to one side and smile broadly.