How to stay stylish despite age: 6 tips from Monica Bellucci

The age of a woman should not be the cause of her unattractiveness. And this is proved by the famous model, actress and object of admiration of absolutely all men on the planet Earth - Monica Bellucci. At 53, the diva not only looks much younger than her real age, but also demonstrates an exceptional sense of style and shares her secrets with other women with pleasure.

Elegance instead of sexuality

When the age overcomes the line of forty, it is important to be more sensual than sexual. Sexy is a word suitable for very young girls; when you get older, you should focus on elegance. Of course, every woman has her own style, with age it should be more and more perfect and polished to the smallest detail. The main thing in all this is to present your image with confidence and dignity.

Create bold images

When you are young, you can do a lot of crazy things in both makeup and clothes. As you get older, you are constantly told to wear less catchy makeup and clothes. I think this is stupid. I know a woman who is over 50, and she constantly does bright makeup, despite the fact that she has blond hair. As a result, the image is very beautiful. So you must be brave and not be afraid to experiment. For example, I love red lipstick, especially when I am preparing for an important event. As an alternative, I like makeup with a focus on the eyes with lipstick in a nude shade. I like to be different and beautiful just for myself.

Genius in simplicity

Even if you buy ordinary jeans and a T-shirt, make sure that they fit perfectly on your figure. I always choose simple lines in clothes - they always emphasize my magnificent forms. Only when clothes fit you perfectly can you experiment with color, patterns and texture. And most importantly - you should wear clothes in which you feel comfortable and in which you feel confident. You have to decorate the dress, not the other way around.

Color on your side

I love to eat tasty food and, at times, it strongly affects my figure. Therefore, I have a lot of black clothes in my wardrobe. It masks all the excess, and you are back in shape!

Do not be a slave to trends.

I am not a victim of fashion. You can follow the trends blindly if you want, but it’s much more pleasant to combine things — perhaps taking two completely different images and combining them together. Well, if the trend is flexible. The main thing is that you should clearly know what is right for you and what is absolutely not. Personally, when I shop, I cope literally in half an hour. I know exactly what I want and what I need for the perfect image.

Be yourself

You do not have to adapt to a universally accepted ideal in order to look stylish in a given age. For example, I like simple, elegant things, but it is not necessary that you should like them too - it all depends on your attitude and character. For me, the problem with fashion sometimes lies in the fact that it often wants to create a law where everyone is the same. I do not like perfection. It's so boring. Just be confident in yourself and in your choice and then your own perfect style will be formed by itself.