5 "indecent" advice from men that will make you the sex goddess

To be the sexiest for your chosen one and take possession of his fantasies is the desire of every woman in love. Sometimes it seems to us that we know all about how to seduce a man and give him the best sexual impressions.

But we can hardly know more about this than our partners. The following 5 “recipes”, in the opinion of the men themselves, make them literally crave sex with their chosen one.

1. Let your man know how much you want him.

A woman can hit her man with the best technique of oral sex or can try the most exciting position. But if he is not sure that she loves having sex and craves it with him, his pleasant sensations will increase millions of times.

So let the partner know how you want him, and he will feel like a god. Whisper in his ear that you cannot stop thinking about the very last time you retired in the bedroom, and that you want to repeat it again.

If there are no people nearby, tell your partner how much you would like to try it right now. When you are sure that no one is looking, touch his most sensitive places through clothes and let him know how much you crave to feel it inside you. Another man gets when his partner touches her chest, stroking her thighs - in general, teases him as much as the situation allows, and initiates sex.

2. Let your loved one look at you

Men are visuals, use it to their full potential. The secret is that you do not take off all your clothes at once. Leave a bra or panties on you, just slide them a little bit.

And your elect will not be able to think about anything else when you lift the skirt so that your hips are visible, and start to caress yourself. It acts on them hypnotizing, they themselves admit!

3. Do not be afraid to be a little dirty.

Believe me, your man really wants you to be the dirtiest woman of his sexual fantasies.

Men want women to love sex with them. Men want women to want to try new dirty things with them. Men want women to be frank with them. The man does not even want to think that his beloved woman may be with another man, but wants the woman to be his “dirty girl”.

You can send him an indecent message during working hours or remind him what he did to you a couple of nights back in the bathroom.

4. Raise his ego by getting more of what you like from him

It is no secret that most men do not know how to read ladies' hints. But frankly point out to him about his mistakes in sex - not the way out. Better to do this. If during the proximity your partner did something that does not please you, tell him: “Dear, do you remember how you caressed me last time, that I didn’t forget my name? Let's repeat? "

And if your chosen one is doing something from which you are drowning in bliss, let him know about it. Not necessarily direct text: you can make louder passionate moans, he will definitely understand and feel like a super macho.

5. Tell your partner exactly how you want "this".

If a loved one does not give you a little rough, but very passionate sex, which you sometimes just crave, tell him. Believe me, he wants it too!

The simple way to wake up this male instinct, hiding deep inside, is to be femininely submissive. Start this role, and then suddenly get away from him and call for yourself: "Follow me and take me if you really want me." Wearing the mask of an innocent girl, ask in a submissive tone: "Please do it hard with me." Your "submission", emphasizing the dominant role of your man, will drive him crazy.