10 obscure female phrases from which men fall into a stupor


A lot of books, articles and works on psychology have been written about women's ability to communicate their thoughts and the special masculine logic of their understanding. But all this is extensive and general information.

Here is a clear list of phrases that men, no matter how hard they try, are not able to understand. Typical female thoughts and below their male interpretation.

1. “My mom is okay with you”

“My mom hates you and just can't tolerate your presence within a radius of 5 meters.”

2. "I want these shoes here"

"And in addition to them a dress, a bag and the whole store."

3. “It would be nice if you were promoted at work”

“You are an insignificant loser who cannot even provide for your woman”

4. "Everything is fine, I was not offended"

"I was offended and now I hate you."

5. "Do you like this girl?"

"You are going to change me!" I'll bury you alive. "

6. “Can I meet with my girlfriends?”

“And I will get drunk, I will dance on the table strip and in conclusion I will call my ex, I haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

7. "My parents will be happy to see you and me this weekend."

"You must make me an offer and ask for your hand and heart."

8. "My friend goes on vacation"

"You just have to urgently find the money so we can go too."

9. "I am so sad"

"I'm having fun, I just want you to feel sorry for me."

10. What are you thinking about?

"I want to get into your brain and find out all your thoughts."