8 hidden secrets that men consider very intimate

Do not think that only women have incompleteness, riddles and secrets - this is far from being the case. In fact, men also have something to hide, but such that they carefully guard behind seven locks.

1. Men are crazy about sex at once

Read between the lines - men are not averse to making someone for sex without obligations. And let him tearfully, he adheres to an exceptionally serious relationship and will not let a woman whom he knows for less than 3 months to a cannon shot, in fact, something completely different is happening in his thoughts.

2. Men love to gossip

Yes, yes, do not be surprised, it is not women, but men who occupy the palm of gossip and gossip. They just love to wash the bones of each other and their friends and acquaintances. Especially this phenomenon is common in a purely male team, where there are no girls.

3. Men like to see cute strangers.

Even if he denied this fact a million times, you should know that if you pass a pretty girl, the man’s attention will immediately be drawn to her. And if also with beautiful forms - so generally one hundred percent.

4. Men are easily vulnerable

It is outwardly they are impregnable, harsh and courageous, but in fact the masculine psyche is much more unstable and more vulnerable than the feminine. The only difference is that men do not tend to express emotions and feelings, so they prefer to keep everything in themselves.

5. Every man wants to return the time when he was 20 years old.

Over the years, women become like aged wine - more beautiful, smarter and more confident. And, most importantly, we can take our age and know many ways to slow down the flow of time. In men, everything is an order of magnitude more complicated. Although the traces of the past tense are reflected in their appearance later, they are experiencing a very deep time when they begin to feel that they are no longer young. From here all these crises of middle age, etc. In the depths of the soul, every man wants to return to his 20 years to be young, carefree and standing on the threshold of life.

6. Sometimes men rest from their second half.

This happens during those most notorious fishing trips, meetings with a glass of beer and friendly gatherings. No, this does not mean that they do not like us, just sometimes they really need the opportunity to get a breath of fresh air. And everything, you can again return to the usual life.

7. Deep down, every man dislikes his mother-in-law

No matter how wonderful, understanding and best she was on earth, any man perceives the mother of her woman as an encroachment on his personal space and inner world, and therefore maintains a polite distance.

8. Every man at least once seriously thought about how to get away from his woman

Yes, this is true - every man has the thought to collect things, slam the door and go to hell from all quarrels, duties, demands and showdown. But, fortunately, only a few do so, because men are mostly serious, responsible, reliable and love us women very much.