How to dress women over 35: five main rules

A few decades ago, women over 35 immediately put aside their miniskirts, shorts, tight dresses, and clothing with a bright print. And very much in vain! Women over 35 do not need to dress as if they are under 80. At the same time, they should not look like they are pretending to be teenagers. To help you avoid mistakes in the future, we decided to share with you five basic rules on how to dress stylishly, modernly and according to age.

Take an example from the first lady

Companions of famous politicians or representatives of royal families, such as Melania Trump and Kate Middleton, are examples of elegance and high style. They are on top of the trends, but never become their slaves. Look at their ideas on how to choose a dress that will flatter your figure and is suitable for both business meetings and dinner for two.

Try not to buy things from the teenage department, even if you are miniature

The style of clothes in the department for teenagers is most likely not suitable for an adult woman. In addition, clothes made for teenagers may simply not sit on you badly, as its proportions are different than the proportions of the female figure that has formed.

Do not wear what your grandmother would wear

Another extreme - to dress too "as before." Give up shapeless robes and dark clothes (unless it is something trendy). Remember, the right clothes can throw off your extra couple of years.

Do not chase trends

Style is most often not the pursuit of momentary fashion, but the creation of sets and images from classic things that will not lose their relevance and will look at you neatly and stylishly for more than one year.

Wear something that will highlight your strengths.

When the clothes fit perfectly on you, you feel more confident, comfortable and look a few years younger. Wear colors and styles that you like and make you walk with a confident walk.