Men called 3 colors that pull them to a woman like a magnet

There are three special colors from which men lose their heads. They all have a magical effect. Men do not even realize how they make a choice in favor of a girl in the clothes of one of these shades.


White - the embodiment of purity, femininity and elegance. He attracts men in any incarnation. The woman in white seems to be an unearthly creature, perfection, the very-most. And it attracts men with terrible force. This wants to protect, to serve her.

A woman in all white causes a poorly controlled desire to follow her. This color is not only attractive: it also causes a feeling of reliability and confidence. The girl in white seems soft, gentle, docile - perfect in the eyes of a man.
@ alexandralapp_ Attracts white and in details. For example, a white blouse in the eyes of men is a matter of particular admiration. The embodiment of accuracy, purity, compliance. Few there are representatives of the stronger sex, indifferent to the image of a woman in a white blouse.

White accessories, even the most insignificant, will not be ignored. They emphasize the nobility of women.


Nude shades in clothes intrigue the man. The color almost coincides with the color of the skin, and men are attracted by the naturalness. Flesh tone seems to men quite intimate, even if all the overt parts of the body are hidden under clothes. And the nude color boats are always a guaranteed effect.

How do men perceive a woman in flesh-colored clothes? Such a woman seems noble, refined and natural. This subconscious assessment is so strong that this lady will seem more attractive to a man, moreover, with her natural beauty.
@ alexandralapp_Also, it is a neutral color, which in itself does not express anything, but it presents a woman in the best light. No wonder beige is the most popular color to create a basic wardrobe.

Nude is good taste and a sense of style. The beige scale in clothes is chosen by ladies with delicate taste, to others it will seem boring.


Lady in red - why this image has always been so inviting for men? Scientists puzzled over this, psychologists pondered, and marketers also joined them. They agreed that red is the most attractive for men, but they themselves do not realize this.

He is hot and sensual. He is the most arrogant. Red probably awakens natural instincts in men and is perceived as a signal to action. Energy, passion, the power of red can both attract and discourage. It is ambiguous, like the woman herself.
@ alexandralapp_During one of the experiments, men were shown photos of the same girl in clothes of different colors. The girl in red seemed the most beautiful to them. And before the test, they argued that the color of clothes for them does not matter.

No matter how trite it may sound, but all shades of red, from lilac to rich burgundy, can make any woman in the eyes of a man insanely attractive.