How to not swear with a man: 7 rules

Even if you are a perfect couple, you live in perfect harmony and match each other according to your horoscope, you are not insured against domestic quarrels. There is nothing terrible in them - but only if you do not make mistakes, which may even put an end to your relationship.


There is nothing worse than a public showdown. This is doubly insulting - not only the partner hears your complaints, but others. For a man, this is very humiliating - so much so that he may not even forgive you.

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It's one thing when you make a favorite claim for some kind of misconduct. Quite another thing - if you call him a loser, say that he always has everything “in one place,” and in general you spent the best years of your life on him. Men have a very fragile self-esteem, and he may even give up on you.

Past insults

If you swear about a broken shelf or an unplugged outlet, which you have been asking for a week, don’t remember how he broke the washing machine a year ago, and even more so - about some humiliating things not related to the situation at all. This is unpleasant, insulting (he probably hoped that you had forgotten about it for a long time) and can seriously aggravate your quarrel. Do you want to continue to swear, going over the old problems again?


You quarreled, found out the relationship and he went to work angry and frustrated. It seems that this has come to an end - and he will probably go on his way home for flowers and a bottle of champagne. But then you came up with that in his words was a veiled insult. He, of course, was not there - men do not know how to speak with hints at all, this is an exclusively feminine feature. But you yourself came up with the situation and were offended again - and a conciliatory dinner is unlikely to take place. This will spoil the mood of him and himself, and achieve absolutely nothing.


The most correct way to resolve conflicts is to discuss the problem with your loved one, solve it and forget it. But to declare a boycott - and even without explaining the reason - is a very bad idea. The path that leads nowhere - namely, brings you closer to the divorce.


Excuses are absolutely unnecessary. Especially if you really do not feel guilty. This does not solve the problem, but only degrades your dignity. You run the risk of letting a man think that your relationship is more precious to you than your own principles.