4 bugs that make your hair look thin

We all want to have thick hair. Although genetics largely determine the volume of our hair, some errors during styling can make our hair look thin and weak. Therefore, keep them in mind and do not continue.

You use the wrong comb

What tools you use for hair care, greatly affects the appearance of your strands. This also applies to the selection of combs. Flat combs and metal brushes will not give you the necessary tension when working with hair, and round brushes with mixed bristles will give you and allows you to better comb your hair and give it extra volume.

You grow long hair

Big length pulls strands down, so if you want hair like Rapunzel, think about whether you have enough thick and thick hair - otherwise they will look flat. If you have thin hair, choose a haircut from short to medium length. This haircut will visually make hair more voluminous. As an option - elongated bean. Ask the wizard to make you a multi-layered haircut for extra volume.

You abuse hot styling

When you lightly shape your hair with hot tools, it can help you with beautiful styling. But if you abuse hot styling, you risk serious harm to your hair. Do not install curling or ironing at the highest temperature - high thermal effects can destroy the hair cuticle and contribute to their fragility. Also, do not forget to always apply heat protection to your hair before styling.

You are using the wrong tools.

Products based on oils and silicones make the hair heavier and thinner. For thin hair, products containing alcohol are suitable because they are quickly absorbed and dry the scalp a little, which prevents fat from the roots, and the hair looks more voluminous.