You changed your beloved: tell or keep silent

Treason is an event that is very much discouraged by society. Those who cheat on their partner are most often despised, made to feel guilty - even if, in fact, the betrayal was justified (yes, this also happens). And it is this feeling of guilt that often leads to impulses on the part of women to admit to their treason. Is it worth doing?

Look for the causes of treason

First of all, you should decide what is your betrayal. Was it a coincidence - you drank too much, but this handsome man was very supportive of you, and then everything happened? Or did your formal relationship bore you, and you longed for intrigue and a beautiful love story? And sometimes betrayal is done with a truly loved one.

If betrayal was a fleeting affair, then you need to think carefully about whether to admit it. You do not have any feelings for your lover, do not want to continue to communicate with him, but the relationship with her husband is of some value to you. If you admit to treason, you are more likely to destroy your relationship, or put your partner in an awkward position - even if he forgives you, he will continue to think about it.

Betrayal with a loved one is always for good reason. In this case, we can say that there is something wrong with your official novel. If everything went well, you would hardly love another person. If this happened, and your lover is really dear to you, it makes sense to discuss the situation with the current partner and break the relationship.

Recognition of treason is a breakup

In most cases, the recognition in this act leads to the end of the relationship. The matter is primarily in the male nature - they are all owners by nature. To accept the fact that their woman belonged to another man - for them a great test. Even if he once forgives you, he will begin to control and torment you with his jealousy - and in this case it will be difficult to call her unfounded.

The decision is yours and depends on whether you are ready for the consequences or not. However, if you do not want your relationship to be destroyed, you should not be frank with a man. Bear responsibility for yourself, without shifting the load of blame on your partner.