Bad luck: 8 forbidden gifts that can not be given

Choosing a gift is difficult. He must meet several criteria at once: meet the tastes and interests of the person, please the eye, constantly remind about the donor, benefit. A gift is not just a thing, but a symbol of love and intimacy, attention and reverence. Sometimes the one who gives a souvenir gets more pleasure than the one who receives it. That is why we are so careful and responsible approach to the choice of a present.

But there are objects that are deliberately considered dangerous to give, because they carry a negative connotation that the donor should know about so as not to get into an awkward situation and not offend the feelings of a dear person.


It is believed that you can not give a clock: neither manual, nor wall, nor desktop, nor even a simple alarm clock. Although it would seem that something is better: the watch looks solid, you can choose the option at any price and for any, even the most sophisticated, taste. But the clock is a specific thing, it is directly related to the fleeting time, which inexorably brings our old age and death closer.

In the East, it is believed that to give such a gift - to wish the earliest old age, and sometimes death, to whom it is intended. And if you give such a gift for a wedding, it will count down the time spent by the young spouses in harmony and love.

Piercing and cutting objects

Old people say that it is impossible to present as a gift piercing and cutting objects: knives, scissors, forks. They can cut the relationship, they are given only in order to quickly get rid of the annoying person.


The wonderful nacreous stone is an undesirable gift, as many consider that this decoration is a symbol of tears, sorrow and longing. It is not recommended to be worn by young women and unmarried girls, as jewelry with this stone will bring a lot of misery to life.


A piece of cloth, even with a monogram, silk, handmade is also associated with tears and grief, so this gift is not recommended to present to close people.


It is undesirable to give portraits, although these gifts have recently become firmly in vogue. And it is equally bad to give images of a person, both written in oils and photographic ones, since it has long been known that each image partially carries the energy of the person who is present on it. If we recall the lessons of practical magic, then often enemies use exactly the images for targeting damage or the evil eye. Therefore, you should carefully handle both your and other people's portraits.


Any mirrors bind two worlds: the real and the otherworldly, so it is highly undesirable to present such a souvenir to a loved one. And the ancient mirrors that belonged to you to many people are capable of preserving information from past centuries and transmitting the dark energy of sorrow, torment and death of others. We wonderfully close the mirrored glass, if the house is dead, to protect your aura from the invasion of otherworldly forces. And in many countries there is a belief that behind the mirror wall the souls of people who voluntarily leave this life are tormented.


Images and figurines of birds symbolize not only freedom and flight, but also are heralds of trouble. Therefore, it is highly undesirable for such precursors to live in a peaceful family house.

Slippers and gloves

You can not give slippers or slippers in the form of slippers, especially for older people, because it involuntarily reminds them of their age, illness, or imminent death. The same gifts include gloves, because it is believed that by giving them you break off any relationship with this person. After all, it was not for nothing that in the past centuries, when they challenged to a duel, they threw a glove in the face.

Medical and hygiene items

Never give things that are reminiscent of diseases. For example, an inhaler, a heating pad, a blood pressure monitor, or a bathroom scale, because a person thinks that you are attacking a disease or you advise them to lose weight.

The same applies to gifts, reminiscent of body hygiene: soaps, shampoos, gels. They can be perceived as a hint of untidiness and advice to tidy up. In addition, not knowing the tastes of the person to whom the gift is intended, you will not be able to choose the right perfume or makeup.

Before you bestow a loved one and loved one, think about the amount that you can invest, think about preferences and preferences. And if you choose a thing that is dangerous to give to your relationship, then ask him in a joking way to buy it from you for a nominal fee of 1 penny. Then the gift will not be dangerous.