7 forbidden things about your relationship, which should not know even the closest

No matter how close the relationship with your friends is, it is better not to know about some aspects of your relationship with a man. It is very personal, confidential and concerns only two. Telling your friends about the subtleties of your love relationship, it is worth remembering that this topic affects not only you, but also your man.

Here are 7 topics that should not be shared with your girlfriend, mother or other relatives.

Each other's habits

Often friends, touching on the topic of sex, share their reasoning, details, their own experience. It's quite normal. At the same time, it is important to understand that partners have private sexual secrets (for example, a man likes to try on women's underwear, and a woman does not like to wear underwear), which is incorrect to submit for discussion. Even if it is the closest friend.

Quarrels in pairs

Many couples quarrel, with each time "to wash the dirty linen in public" is unethical. Of course, no one will forbid sharing any details with situational problems with her friends, especially if relationships begin to break at the seams. But still, the details and details are exclusively for a very close circle of friends.

Your partner's financial income

Talk about the income of his beloved man can be found in almost any female company. But in fact, everything is not as harmless as it may seem, and such information may even harm. Typically, such financial revelations from friends provoke the most banal envy. Do you need it?

Male mental health

It's one thing if your chosen one is a specialist who writes work on bipolar disorder. In this case, it is interesting to get acquainted with his conclusions and research. If the beloved man suffers from some mental illness, then, first of all, it is worth asking him if it is possible and with whom it is possible to share such information. Otherwise, your friends will ask him various unpleasant clarifying questions about his health, but he may not be ready for this. What is even worse: this situation can cause exacerbation of the disease. The subject of health requires a delicate attention.

Your or his family dramas

It is not about who called whom what word, or about relatives who somehow interfere in the spouses' personal life. There are things that do not need to tell, to anyone. Especially if these are secrets, conflict situations, tragedies of a chosen one’s family - this topic should be closed to outsiders.

Sexual problems

If there are any problems in the sexual life of partners that interfere with one of them, they should be discussed and solved together. Complaints to friends about these or other problems often only aggravate their development and spoil the relationship.

His ex girlfriends

Even if the spouse had a very turbulent past, it is up to him to decide with whom this can be shared, and with whom it is impossible. Memories of them can be quite painful, because even their attitude towards them should be expressed very carefully.

Despite the fact that each woman has one or two very close friends who will share with her the most outspoken of personal relationships, you should think about it three times before telling them about your relationship.