These 7 habits suggest that you have low self-esteem

Love for yourself and an adequate idea of ​​your own capabilities are not only a recipe for a happy life, but also a necessity, a guarantee of comfort. If you are not self-confident and do not recognize your right to something, whether it is love of a worthy person, career growth or much more, it prevents you from living. How to understand that you are not strong enough to love yourself and suffer from low self-esteem?

Habit to compare

You are not guided by yourself, but by others. You constantly compare yourself with someone, and if the comparison is not in your favor, you have a painful feeling of guilt that you could not cope with the task.

The habit of competing

You are not thinking about how you will be better - you want to be better than others. In order to make an impression on others, you are ready to put a lot of effort and even do what you don’t need. Learn to live first of all for yourself and you will see how your life will change for the better.

Habit of hope

Hope is a good, but sometimes very harmful feeling. Do not rely on anything, just strive for what you think is right. Hope often kills the action.

Habit seek approval

Many people are literally fixated on getting the approval of their actions from those around them. Do not look for it: it is a real dependence on someone else's opinion, which destroys your personality and does not allow you to have your own opinion.

Habit manipulate

The desire to constantly assert itself at the expense of others is also a manifestation of one’s own low self-esteem. A person who is completely confident in himself and his strength does not need to manipulate people and constantly assert itself.

Habit of complaining

A very unpleasant manifestation of low self-esteem - asking for praise and complaints that the whole world is against you. Nothing but irritation, such behavior does not cause others.

The habit of blaming others for their troubles

Even if you are completely to blame for your troubles, you will find extreme ones. The inability to take responsibility for their actions is a sign of an immature person with low self-esteem. You are simply afraid of the reaction of others, unable to fight back, and therefore are looking for excuses for their actions.