What does a man actually think when you put on stunning underwear

Men adore when you dress up for them into something that awakens their fantasies. But when women buy such things, they rarely think about how they will feel when they put on a new dress.

We really don’t really ask ourselves: “Do I feel confident and desirable in these panties and garters?” Instead, we only worry about what the man thinks. We look sexy to him, despite the fact that tight laces rub our skin, and the bones of a stunning corset stick into the back.

Beautiful underwear does not guarantee stunning sex.

What usually happens when you leave the bathroom in sexy lingerie? He quickly inspects you from head to toe, and then rips off the laundry in less time than it took to put it on.

We worry about underwear and think about whether he likes it, so we cannot enjoy sex. And what's the problem, you ask? You will like the answer. Sex is an interesting type of gift for a man: the more selfish you are in this regard, the more he likes the process.

In fact, the man does not want you to wear some kind of fashionable underwear, while you are afraid of the whole process, and then lie down, looking at the ceiling, and he is trying to appease you. He wants you to put on what makes you feel like a goddess. He wants you to wear something that makes you feel excited and ready for sex. He wants you to wear something that makes you feel incredible, no matter how long you put it on.

He does not want you to spend too much time in the bathroom while he is waiting for you naked in bed, only so that you come out with a strained smile, stumbling over the carpet on too high heels. He also does not want to see you artificially stiff or shyly frightened in bed. This kills his good mood and positive mood for the upcoming night.

Men like underwear because it makes them feel that you take the time to be beautiful for them and that you like the process. Men like underwear because they like the idea that you want to make sex a special occasion where you can show them how much they turn you on.

So, if you do not like the process, and underwear makes you less attractive for hot sex, what's the point? It brings neither him nor you pleasure.

The next time you buy clothes, do not worry about how it looks, worry about how it makes you feel inside. Enjoy the process. Pay attention to the beautiful lingerie that you saw in the movies, and try to try on the similar.

Some women are really hard to think of themselves as sexy and seductive girl in any outfit. If you are too serious about your appearance, no external work will be able to completely fix it (weight loss and bringing the body into shape). Yes, you can look at yourself and say: “I look good and it seems even sexy,” but you can still feel uncomfortable, unnatural during sex.

Most likely, you will lie still during sex or start to scream and moan for him, instead of truly enjoying the touches.

If there are harsh comments about your body in your head, it’s better to completely give up the idea of ​​being beautiful and sexy for him. Instead, think about your ability to give and have fun during sex. This means physical pleasure and emotional pleasure.

Feel yourself not a beautiful woman, but a grand mistress

First, you need to gain confidence in your ability to enjoy sex and feel physically and emotionally close to your man. After that, try using underwear to help yourself be even more sexy in the process.

You need to learn how to dress so that clothes arouse your sensuality: for example, wear soft silk or tight clothes that caress your sensitive skin. Learn to show playfulness and creativity in choosing an intimate image: a nurse’s uniform will suit someone perfectly, while on the other one you’ll look extremely erotic with a men's jacket, worn over a naked body, and nothing else.

Remember: the point is not to feel beautiful, but to feel like a sexually hungry and grand mistress. You do not need to spend a lot of money to buy all the sexy lingerie. A man just wants to know that you are harmonious in your body.