7 types of female flirting that make it worse

Men love the original - all women’s magazines write about it (including us) and all family psychologists say. Indeed love. Unfortunately, ladies, trying to impress a vending man, understand this too literally, which leads to completely insane attempts to seduce a man. What does not need to do so that a man does not look askance at you and does not call a brigade of psychiatrists?


The more open the body, the better, some ladies think. They put on the shortest dress available in the wardrobe (is it a dress or T-shirt in general?), Heels higher, draw a mask distantly resembling the ladies from the Kardashian family and go hunting. The result is exactly what happens during a hunt - potential victims run away in horror.


Loud laughter at the bar counter and talking to a girlfriend can only give results if you need a man who has well attached to the bottle, and only until he is sober. But normal people from such prefer to stay away.

Sex offer

"A man, and maybe we will go to you?", - even if he wants sex, he will not necessarily agree. Who knows what your intentions are? Win a normal woman, and do it long and hard.

Flaunting its relevance among men

Surrounding yourself with an army of fans, you completely discourage the desire of a man to deal with you. Too much competition from men does not suit, besides, it makes you wonder if your fans will disappear after the start of the novel? Is not a fact.

Flirt with his friend

Very often, ladies are afraid to talk to a man who likes and try to get in from the rear - more precisely, through his friend. This is a very bad option, since every normal man will not take any action against you, even if he likes you - out of solidarity.

Inadequate behavior

Originality and strangeness are not the same thing. In a pinch, if you are nervous and have done something crazy, tell everyone that you have lost the argument. It is at least funny and characterizes you as a person with a sense of humor.

Indecent behavior

You climbed on the bar and danced a striptease, going through champagne? Now do not expect him to come to you with serious intentions. Is that clarify how much you charge per night. Men love liberated women - but not vulgar.