These 4 manicure options will make your fingers more beautiful and nobler.

If nature has not rewarded you with beautiful hands - or rewarded you, but you want to make them even more beautiful, resort to the help of a manicure. What techniques in nail design will help make your fingers beautiful and long?

Nude coating

@ manikuroffThis is the most optimal type of manicure that you can think of. Firstly, it is universal - and will fit any clothes, no matter what you wear. Secondly, it looks aesthetically and neatly, and men like it a lot. Thirdly, it will make your nails visually longer. Fingers is also concerned. The visual effect of nude coating extends to them.

Almond shape

@ manikuroff The form of nails is of great importance. Although many people like the square shape, it looks quite peculiar. Therefore, masters often recommend their clients to round off the nails in the corners. And the ideal shape for longer looking fingers is the classic almond-shaped.

Vertical lines in design

@ manikuroff Vertical print is the ideal way to make a slimmer and taller figure in clothes. In manicure, you can use the same technique - especially for thin dark lines on a light background of the main coating.

Deep dark tone coating

@ manikuroffDark nail polishes and gels are not only a trend but also very useful. It is the dark color that most goes to short nails, because it visually lengthens them. In the case of fingers, this also works great.

We also asked Manicurist of the Manikuroff studio network, Elena Chugunova, what tricks should be used if you want long and noble fingers.
Elena ChugunovaNot everyone likes plump hands and, unfortunately, contour plastic does not apply to fingers yet. Fortunately, there is a better way - to play with shape and color. Choose the oval or almond shape of the nail plate, they will visually make your fingers longer, slender and emphasize the elegance of your hands.

The choice of color or design is also important. Pastel colors (beige, pale pink, delicate blue) visually lengthen the nail. You can play a little with gradients, with each finger a little lighter than the last, from light to dark. Use colors that complement your skin tone. If you have warm shades, it is better not to use gray and purple tones, but to give preference to coral and red tones in the warm range. If you have colder shades, cool red colors will look good, and it is better not to use turquoise colors.

Do not be afraid to experiment and add a variety of geometric, surreal or floral ornaments. For example, vertical / diagonal lines or small dots from the edge to the middle of the claw - perfectly extend the nail plate. Neutral shades with graphic silver elements not only visually stretched the nails, but also attract the attention of others.