7 female habits that kill a woman in you

It happens that way - there was, like, a woman, a sophisticated beauty, a refined lady and an aristocratic Mademoiselle, and then once, and became just a woman. How does this happen, and why even the most inveterate male hearts raider can turn into a village simpleton?

1. Very loud speech

The women usually talk very loudly, being in crowded places, vigorously discussing their personal life and intimate details. They are not embarrassed that all people in the vicinity hear everything perfectly and become aware of all their troubles, failures and joys.

2. Common expressions and slang words

Women who look like aunts often use jargons and simplified words in their speech, put emphasis on them incorrectly, build sentences and absolutely do not stint obscene language.

3. Challenging clothes and bright makeup

It feels like these ladies wear everything at once, in order to impress others and demonstrate their taste and sense of style. In fact, no style here and does not smell, because the outfits turn out to be all very often as a blueprint - causing, vulgar and too cheap looking.

4. Obsessive desire to find a man

The women sleep and see how to quickly grab a tasty morsel in the form of a solid man. For them, this is literally the goal of all life, so they use the heaviest artillery - erotic outfits, recklessly flirting, flirting and vulgar harassment. The main thing is to fish pecked.

5. Excessive conflict

Women aunts just love to swear, sort things out and enter into conflicts. And it usually happens out of the blue and literally from nothing. They are able to inflate a scandal from any detail, and as if they themselves derive pleasure from it.

6. Demonstration of material welfare

The women believe that everything in the world is measured only in monetary terms, so they strive in every way to show and emphasize that they are provided - “fake” labels, fakes of expensive things, the race for the latest gadgets and the pursuit of luxury are one of the most important for them .

7. Envy of others

Female aunts are very envious even towards close people. And this envy, of course, black. These ladies like to blame the fate and others that they are unfair to them, and look for the source of their troubles and failures not in themselves, but from the outside.