If you have children, then you know about these 8 things in a relationship with your husband

Carefree weekend together in the past

Remember how you woke up together at 12 noon on Saturday, slowly made breakfast, and then went for a walk around the city or ordered a pizza and watched your favorite movies till night? So, all this will now be in the past. To get up at 5 am on the day off to change the diaper to the baby will become commonplace, and leaving the child for a couple of hours to the nanny or grandmother to have dinner together is a real luxury.

Your dates will end at 23.00 and can cost you dearly.

If earlier you could walk all night until the morning, then now your evening will end at about 23.00, if not earlier. You yourself will be glad of this, because you can sleep a bit to be able to get up the next day at 5 am.
And yes, so that at least for a couple of hours to get out for a date in the evening, you will have to fork out not only for dinner and movie tickets, but also for a nanny who will take care of your child until you are at home.

Your sex from a spontaneous turn into a planned

In the first months after the birth of a child, you can be completely absorbed in a small creature, you will devote all your time and energy to it, and you may not even think about sex. However, soon you will still remember him and then you will understand that there are not so many suitable moments for making love. Basically, this is the time when the child falls asleep, and you are still quite alert not to fall asleep yourself. So do not worry if you have to plan sex with a partner in advance. In the end, waiting for the moment has its own charm.

Instead of love messages - photos and videos of a child

Previously, you now and then sent your sweetheart love confessions and naughty photos, and now they will definitely be replaced by a series of photos and videos with the child: you will capture every action of him. What could be nicer?

You will forget about manners

From now on you should not be shy of your partner. To ask him to buy diapers or to treat your breasts with a pharmacy cream is perfectly normal. You are now one family and together must cope with family responsibilities without unnecessary "please" and "thank you."

You will feel more like a colleague than a couple

From time to time you will feel that you are running a company with two employees, whose only job is to take care of the child. You distribute household work, draw up a shopping list, and plan activities together for a week — in a word, you are colleagues in your family work.

Sometimes you'll annoy each other.

Remember how difficult it was when you just came together with your half and began to share life together? So now all this will add and care for the child. You can be annoyed by your man’s behavior, you will make remarks about his inattention or carelessness. But do not despair, this is perfectly normal. However, try to look at things easier and not get annoyed over trifles.

No matter what, your love will be stronger

After the birth of the child, both you and your man start loving each other more, despite domestic difficulties. Oddly enough, but most often it is. Now you are allies, colleagues, lovers and ... parents.