5 signs of the zodiac that cannot be refused

a lion

When the Lions are focused on achieving any goal, they will never accept failure. They can be assertive in the truest sense of the word. It's all about their natural charm, which helps them get everything they want.

In addition, they are aimed at open, honest communication and try to be convincingly straightforward when they trust others with their desires, talk about their needs, share their ideals and opinions. They try to maintain a positive attitude, dealing with those who may try to prevent them. Lions very often do not agree with someone, but this does not prevent them from taking into account the feelings of another person.


Capricorns may not be able to accept refusal as an answer, but at the same time they themselves are perfectly able to say “no” to people. They know how to refuse in a polite and respectful way, so they take care of their needs without disrespecting someone else. Capricorns see their denial of help expressed not as a manifestation of egoism, but as a concern for themselves.

This is a very good way to practice your assertiveness, while keeping your aggression under control. Capricorns are incredibly decisive, so if they get a refusal, which goes against what they just need to do, they take all possible actions in order to convince the person who refused them the opposite.


Did the resulting refusal ever force Aries to stop doing what they really wanted? Of course not. If you say no to Aries, they will think that your priorities are incorrectly set, or you just do not quite understand what you are talking about and what you are doing.

All negative answers will on the contrary encourage Aries not to try to get someone's permission or approval in the future. All this only complicates the process and increases the time costs, but Aries prefer to quickly deal with the question that has arisen, rather than start a whole discussion on this matter. From the point of view of Aries no - one of the most useless words.


With Taurus, the situation is as follows: they are incredibly patient. If someone says “no” to them, they either wait out this situation or come up with a new plan. They are stubborn, so if you are already determined to do something, then no one will be able to stand in their way.

If Tauruses need to “turn on the bull” to solve the issue, then this is what they will do. If this does not work, they with all the zeal and perseverance will sit down on the person who answered them with refusal until he breaks under the pressure and agrees only to Taurus, finally, behind him. To say Taurus "no" is the same as trying to pacify an angry bull - no effect.


Scorpio will listen intently to what you want to say to him, while saying “no,” but this does not mean at all that your words will somehow be able to influence his decision to implement his plans. For Scorpions, intentions are everything, so if they decide something, nothing, no definitive no will be unable to stop them.

They may try to manipulate you, wanting you to change your harsh "no" to "yes", maybe even try to develop some kind of secret plan, trying with all your behavior to show you that they have surrendered. Don't let them fool you. None of the "no" can not force Scorpio to abandon its mission.