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“No matter you look. The complexion is like the air in this city - gray and dreary, ”shared his impressions of my appearance as a“ tactful ”colleague:“ You need somewhere to nature, to breathe, to contemplate. Heal and transform. To Korea! A friend recently returned, renewed, rejuvenated, said, there is paradise. Throw off 10 years, flourish like spring cherry. I do not know what kind of wizards there are, but you are definitely to them! ”

There was an unpleasant aftertaste from the conversation, but a reasonable grain was sown. The prospect of a useful holiday was fascinating, the reflection in the mirror treacherously confirmed the words of my friend. Perhaps take advice and find out about the unknown, but alluring Korea.


To achieve unity with nature, to plunge into the purest air - what the inhabitants of the metropolis need. In South Korea, it is easy to clear the lungs of smog. In summer, breathe in the breeze of the coast, in spring - the scent of cherry blossoms. Oxygen in the mountains is especially sweet in winter; autumn is filled with the smells of late herbs and flowers.
The press office I learned about Jeju Island. It originated after a volcanic eruption millions of years ago, and consists of basalt and lava. Here the soft sea air, salty and rich in minerals. It nourishes the cells and calms the nerves.

In the South of the island resort Jungmun, near the waterfall Chonchzheyon. There are clean beaches, white sand and saturated moist air. In the tree nursery Emizhi 2000 species of rare plants in greenhouses and 1,700 species of flowers and trees under the open sky. In my “Oxygen Route” I will definitely include WE Hotel. There are cypress forests, cedars and pines.

In the center of Jeju Island - Hallasan National Park. Hallasan Mountains - the highest point in Korea - 1950 m. The tourist route reaches 10 km. Exercise and discharged air is a great combination! Much easier to lose weight - fat goes faster and more efficiently. Oxygen in the mountains is less. And with its lack of mitochondria burn fatty acids that are consumed from adipose tissue.


Eyes ask for rest from the monitor, gray roads, dirty hoods in front of standing cars. They need rich colors. I will give them.

In spring, cherry trees bloom in Korea, the slopes of the mountains become lemon yellow - forsythia bloom. Cherries are fragrant along the avenues of Seoul. The city is shrouded in white and pink haze.
Press serviceHams Namsan, 262 m high above sea level. I will reach the top on foot in 40 minutes and see the simultaneous flowering of cherry trees, forsythia and azaleas - I will feel like Alice in a magical country.

Jeju-do is a place where mandarins grow. For this it is called "citrus island." Bright orange is another color in my piggy bank.

In March, the village of Mahva Majl (Plum Village) in Kwangyang is hidden under the snow of white flowers. Flowering plum mehvah.

In April, the mountain Enchkhisan in Yesu becomes bright pink - azaleas bloom. I will climb the mountain, standing in the pink lace of flowers, I will have a view of the blue South Sea.

In spring, the Tulip Festival is held in Everland Park. Here, all the colors of the world are red, yellow, blue buds, green succulent stems and endless shades. This my eyes will not see in the capital. Now I understand why they were created - to admire the world.

Be treated

The body is not easy to cope with stress, stress, nutrition, which we slip to him. The body needs care. Koreans pay maximum attention to their temple of the soul. Getting sick in Korea is scary - no matter how crazy it sounds. And the treatment is almost fun. I'll explain why.

The program of a complete examination of the body - Check-up - a way to quickly and with utmost precision find out all the nuances of your health. Diagnosis lasts 2−3 days.
Press officeCheck-up in Korea is a government program. It is held by locals and it is very popular with foreigners. There is a big competition among clinics, so each one tries to create the most comfortable conditions for patients. For example, sites in Russian, pages in social networks, call centers with Russian-speaking operators.

It's nice that the clinic guests are met at the airport and escorted to the place. During the Check-up, patients are accompanied by Russian-speaking staff.

Procedures go quickly one by one:
• blood test,
• body condition: height, weight, muscle, fat,
• lung volume research,
• pressure, X-ray and fluorography,
• ECG, ultrasound of all organs.
• They check vision and hearing - everything is not “by eye”, but on modern equipment.
• Computed tomography with a contrast agent.
• Gastroscopy and colonoscopy under general anesthesia.

After the conclusion is issued with instructions and recommendations.
All Check-up data is entered into a computer and analyzed by a special program. When I come next time, doctors will be able to see the dynamics.

Modern diagnostics, laboratory equipment of Korean clinics help to prevent oncology, heart attack, stroke with 100% accuracy.

Sergei Kim, a professor at Seoul National University, said in an interview that one day a young and healthy guy came for a routine examination. A polyp was found in the intestine; histology showed cancer at an early stage. We performed the operation and the person avoided the development of oncology There are many such stories.
Medical Center for Plastic Surgery Grand, the press service. A special system provides the operation of the intervention. Treatment begins immediately, in parallel with the examination process.

Advanced medical tourists say that check-up can be done urgently, in one day. Fly from Moscow in the morning, fly away in the evening. Logistics in clinics at a height.

Prices for treatment in Korea are 20–60% lower than in Europe, the USA and Israel.
Korean doctors are trained in medical school, including internship and residency, for 11 years. Only 0.5% of first-year students of the medical institute will be able to work in the future in the specialty. There is a brutal selection of personnel. The great competition between private and public clinics and specialists leads to high-class service, safety and quality of services.
Press officeMedical equipment of South Korea is produced by Samsung and LG.

The life of patients in clinics is like a holiday in a luxury hotel. Inside is a modern, stylish space. The Grand Interior Clinic has been designed by the famous Korean designer Mange Co. The main hall overlooks the Hang River. This is one of the most famous and largest clinics in Korea. The building of the main building - 21 floor, 6 underground and 15 above ground. 100% soundproofing makes rehabilitation a rest. Oriental staff is friendly and respectful. The device structure reflects the idea of ​​caring for patients - the corridors of the operating and advisory offices do not intersect. Everyone feels protected, no unnecessary experiences. Less stress - faster recovery.


In South Korea, more than 770 thousand plastic surgeries are performed per year. 20% of the inhabitants of Seoul at least once in their life did plastic.

“In Korea, the most popular surgeries are the face, eye, nose and contour,” is a quote from a plastic surgeon, head of the department of the Grand Medical Center Dr. Li Xie Hwan: Western patients prefer to improve the shape of the body. There is a great interest in anti-aging operations, breast enlargement or reduction, butt tightening and liposuction. ” In clinics, the most frequent operations, regardless of gender, are blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty.

“The eyes and nose have a huge impact on the creation of the image. The face is transformed even with minor changes in the shape, size and height of the nose and eyes. Women often improve the facial contour, improve the oval and chin line, making it soft and thin, ”says Dr. Hwang.

Communication with the Grand Clinic begins in Russia. In their native Russian, they explain what procedures are in the arsenal and are shown. The consultants surrounded me with care and warmth - a new experience for a Russian patient. In my opinion, the transformation began with the first phone call. I felt special and significant.

Medical Center for Plastic Surgery Grand

Medical Center for Plastic Surgery Grand, press serviceTel: + 82−70−7119−1578, + 82−10−9672−3322 (what's app, imo, viber, kakaotalk)
Address: Korea, Seoul, Gannam-gu, Sinsa-dong, 514-16, Grand Plastic Hospital building
Mail: rus. [email protected]
Website: //

Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vlontakte.

  • It has been working since 2004 and is the leader among Korean plastic surgery clinics and one of the leading in the world. Certified by the Department of Health and Social Services of the Republic of Korea. Provides services at the level of a multidisciplinary medical center.
  • It has 4 branches and 9 specialized centers.
  • The coordinators of the clinic are fluent in 6 languages.
  • The award in 2016 and 2015 is the “Most Preferred Brand” from The Herald Business journal.
  • Every year, patients come from more than 25 countries of the world, Europe and Asia.
  • The clinic is regularly visited by famous personalities. In Korea, it is not customary to conceal surgeries to improve appearance. Photos of movie stars and television are on the site. For example, the cast of the series The Heirs and over 160 celebrities chose the Grand Clinic.

I knew about liposuction, breast and lip augmentation, but it turned out that Grand had a huge selection of procedures:

- reduction of the calf,
- breast polymastia - removal of fat in the armpits,
- hair transplant for women - creating volume at any age,
- mini abdominoplasty and mini liposuction (when there is little fat on the abdomen and thighs),
- cat plastic - creating a volume between the upper lip and nose (charming profile),
- fat cell transplantation - a person acquires harmonious features.

Eyes scatter, I want everything at once. I decided to refresh my face contour and do a mini liposuction. The rest took note.
Medical Center for Plastic Surgery Grand, the press service of the Surgeons Medical Center Grand Master of gentle techniques - minimally invasive procedures.

“Endoscopic operations (without cuts) are the trend of the new time. This method is non-traumatic, practically painless and does not require a long recovery, ”- quote from Dr. Li Xie Hwan.
Medical Plastic Surgery Center Grand, the press service in the 21-storey building has the latest technology of air purification and uninterrupted power. In operating rooms, the air is still cleaner - a special system prevents dust and bacteria from entering. Grand Medical Center - a place where you can relax and surrender to the hands of plastic gurus. The growing trust of patients gives rise to high demand - a queue at the clinic. This is a plus, given the huge competition. In Seoul, there are entire neighborhoods of medical centers. But Grand has been a leader in the beauty market for 14 years. And now I'm waiting for the cherished call!
Medical Center for Plastic Surgery Grand, the press serviceBonus! When returning from South Korea to Russia, you can apply for a tax refund - 10% from plastic surgery and cosmetology. The clinic staff will explain the details.

Information block

South Korea is located in eastern Asia and occupies the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. The capital is Seoul. A visa to Korea is not needed. Tourists can stay in the country for 60 days. Flight from Moscow: 8 hours.

Airlines: Aeroflot, S7 Airlines, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines. The average cost of a ticket Moscow-Seoul per person: 16 thousand rubles. Course: 100 rubles - about 1,800 won.

For more information, see the website of the Korea Tourism Organization.

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