At first glance inconspicuous accessories that will give a highlight to women over 40

With the help of accessories, you can turn a simple image into a finished stylish outfit. Stylists advise women over forty, choosing accessories, take into account facial features, height, physique. For example, miniature fit accessories of small sizes and vice versa. It is also important to observe a sense of proportion. A sense of proportion is a guarantee of good taste, which has already been formed by the age of forty. Choosing a stylish accessory should not blindly follow fashion - there is nothing worse than wearing trendy accessories that you don’t like. You can always refer to the classics - it will never cease to be relevant.

Scarf with silk and cashmere

The scarf not only saves you from the cold, but also, if you wish, a gorgeous mask will mask your neck. Better choose with a natural composition and noble colors. You can learn to tie a scarf in various ways from Jennifer Aniston, a well-known lover of accent accessory. Thoughtful carelessness, large folds - your image is complete.
The pacti is Paccia, the pawl of Paccia,


Sunglasses have long been not only sun protection, but also an integral part of a stylish look. By the way, lately, ophthalmologists say that it is necessary to wear sunglasses even in cloudy weather. 44-year-old Victoria Beckham, a well-known fan of large frames, puts on sunglasses even at ceremonial events: “Never forget about sunglasses, they will be the final point for any outfit.”
Sunglasses Piazza Italia, 595 rubles. Sunglasses Piazza Italia, 595 rubles.

Refined suspension

Women over forty are more scrupulous about the choice of jewelry. Fortunately, jewelry designers delight minimalist masterpieces that help decorate an elegant age and emphasize the sophistication of a woman. In ancient times, jewelry carried a certain magical meaning for people. They believed that jewelry protects from evil spells and preserve youth and health.
Exclaim Suspension, Exclaim Suspension,

Accent strap

An irreplaceable and stylish thing in the wardrobe. You can wear a belt with skirts, pants, dresses, with cardigans, sweaters and even a coat. Over the years, sometimes overweight comes and the belt helps a lot to adjust the figure. With it, you can focus on the waist or visually increase growth. The color of the belt can be contrast or in the same color palette with the main outfit.
Banana Republic belt, Banana Republic belt,

Graceful Earrings

Earrings play an important role in creating an elegant image. Properly selected earrings enhance the glitter of the eyes, emphasize the elegant curve of the neck, attract attention to the face and add luxury, which is just appropriate at the age of forty.
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