If a woman in 35 is still not married, she should consider these 4 points.

Are you single and you are far beyond 30? You must have repeatedly come across a situation where people, both familiar and unfamiliar, looked at you with suspicion. Why are you not married? What's wrong with you? It seems that everyone around you only cares when you find yourself a man and get offspring. And you are very embarrassed - maybe you would like to marry, but not for anyone. Or maybe you don't need it at all, but under the yoke of society do you feel somewhat inferior?

Lack of a husband is not a disadvantage

And first of all you should convince yourself of this. Do not take this situation as loneliness - it is not loneliness, it is freedom. Feel your freedom, and everyone else will feel it. And then there will be no more unpleasant questions.

Many women today have achieved a lot themselves. And the man either dropped out halfway to success, or he was not at all. Such women are self-sufficient, and they feel great alone. And a man would become a real burden for them.

You can date men

Of course, there is no talk of random novels in order to satisfy the need for communication or sexual desire. Such dates are not just desirable, they are necessary! The fact is that every woman necessarily needs male attention, compliments, and the realization that she is interesting and desirable.

You can pamper yourself with basic female joys.

The same melancholy, which is sometimes associated with love, is in fact caused entirely different. Inside you is a huge supply of love that needs to be spent. So spend it on yourself, my love. Take time for yourself, do what you have long wanted.

You can focus on your other values.

When asked about why you are not married, do not answer directly. Better to tell about what will be really interesting to know about you. You must be an intelligent, interesting woman who has something to attract attention. So proceed!