One compliment that a woman in love is most afraid of hearing from a man

Perhaps, for many women, this phrase is even more terrible and more tragic than "I changed you" or "I leave for another." Why? Yes, because “You are too good for me” means later on all the most negative options taken together - and going to another, and what he stopped loving, and that he was tired of relationships at all.

I must say that the words “You are too good for me” are the most subtle psychological manipulation. Well, think for yourself: everything turns out in such a way that, supposedly, only he is to blame for everything, since it is he who does not correspond to your fine mental organization and superlative degree of femininity. And you - the goddess, the best, the queen.

But for some reason, after these words, women just the opposite begin to look for a snag in themselves and draw out a thousand reasons why they, such good and wonderful, do not suit such a “bad” man. Of course, everything ends is banal: he with a clear conscience goes on all four sides, and we continue the painful self-digging in ourselves.

Maybe it really is not at all in you? Let's see what the male words “You are too good for me” really mean?

He doesn't love you

Perhaps the most banal explanation - he just does not love you anymore. Or never loved, but decided to notify about it only now. Men are very afraid to say this directly, because for women, the awareness of the uselessness of someone who once carried her in her arms is akin to death. Therefore, it is much more profitable to present everything under the sauce "You are a super woman, and I am an unworthy scoundrel."

He has low self-esteem

Yes, this option also has a place to be. Not often, but still. Sometimes a man, beginning to meet with a woman, realizes that she is really too tough for him, and begins to retreat backwards. In such a relationship, he feels slighted by a henpecked, who is always in the shadow of his successful woman.

He wants to go to another

Men are very often afraid to say right away that they have gone on a walk, they are carried away by another and put up their skis. After all, the consequences that arise after this recognition can be truly daunting. Therefore, it is much easier to turn everything for your own benefit and make yourself a sufferer who is not worthy of such a beautiful woman and, therefore, having folded arms, leaves.

He doesn't want a serious relationship at all

Serious relationships are obligations, responsibilities and requirements. Sometimes men get tired of this and they want an easy life, where, as they think, there will certainly be great happiness. So they make their way to the exit with the words "You are too good for me."

He does not need you

Perhaps something in his head perekknulo and brains began to work in the other direction. Or maybe it was just that point of no return, when a person realizes that it’s time to change something in life and what is happening now doesn’t need him at all. It is likely that he came to the conclusion that you are simply not the one that should be with him throughout his life. Well, maybe he is for the better? You will not wish to live in a sweet lie to anyone.