5 scrap items that will save any fashionable image

This is the whole essence of fashion - we invent, find new, interesting ideas and apply them in practice in completely non-standard ways. We will tell you how you can use the most ordinary things that you can find in your home to look better.

Pencil to create a hairstyle in the Japanese style

The Japanese-style hair tied around the sticks looks interesting, stylish and fresh. Of course, you can buy a special stick-hairpin, or you can just use a pencil for this purpose. Ideally, take a black pencil - it will look stylish and harmonious.

Scrunchy as a bracelet

And as a gum, too. Previously, women would put a rubber band on their arm in order to always have it on hand if necessary to tie their hair, but then they began to use it as a bracelet. It looks best if there are other bracelets - chains and wicker.

Laces and ropes as a belt

Very stylish trend, which is partly related to the style of boho. This belt is worn mainly with dresses and shirts - with a rope you can focus on the waist, and this accessory looks more interesting and non-standard than a regular strap.

Breast tape

Although it sounds somewhat strange, in fact it is a good way to present your breasts in the most advantageous light and not to spoil your sexy dress with underwear. This trend has introduced Kim Kardashian, which is famous for its bust and frank outfits. Kim herself said that she uses masking tape for this purpose. You can lift your chest with scotch tape in many different ways, depending on the style of the dress that you are wearing.

Clips to fasten strapless bra

Today, stores offer clothes of various shapes and types - including those with cutouts, open backs. In order that the underwear from under it did not look through, it is worth using special bras, but it is possible to get out and improvised means. For example, with the help of a clip, you can connect the straps in the middle, and put on a regular bra under a vest or a dress with a narrow back.