5 hidden signs that the relationship is kept only on sex, not love

When you enter into relationships, they always look like love, especially if you spend more time in the bedroom than outside. At first, the relationship is hot and strong, it seems that it always will be.

But it is important to remember that this happens because of our sexual attraction to a partner, which does not mean falling in love with him at all. That is why you need to understand the difference between love and passion. Passion is as important and useful as love. But the main message is that sex is less real than romantic or emotional.

In a society, romantic love is still considered the basis of ideal relationships. But an integral part of emotional feelings are purely physical. Passion is just as important, useful and necessary as love. It is important to have both feelings, but at the same time be able to distinguish between them.

So love or passion - which one? Below are five signs that this is passion, not love. Although, if everything suits you, that's fine.

1. You do not think about the joint future

If this is passion, not love, then at the moment everything is awesome, but you do not think about a common future, because you partially understand that this is not the person with whom it should be. Of course, from him you have "butterflies in the stomach." But if you do not think that it would be possible to bring it and celebrate a family holiday with your grandmother, then this is a clear sign that the relationship is based solely on sex.

2. You do not know personal details about him.

You missed the most important part of acquaintance with him - do not know any platitudes or minor details. If you do not know his middle name or what his favorite color is, then, most likely, you don’t know him as well as you think. Knowing about each other small details about which none of the outsiders usually do not know, is one of the foundations of love. Therefore, if you are not sure that you know them, then remind yourself that love is not just knowing who likes what in bed.

3. You spend all your time together in bed

What is a date? You already do not even know, because all your plans with the second half were limited to discussion and the embodiment of hot fantasies. There is nothing wrong with spending time in bed. But if this is the only way to spend time together, then it will remain the only way.

4. All your correspondence is exclusively with sexual overtones.

Instead of the message "Good morning," you get an SMS with the content like "I thought about you in the morning, and I was so tense." No one says that couples do not do this at all, but if you are pleased to write only about your dirty plans for each other and nothing more, think: most likely, this is not love.

5. The only thing you feel is playfulness.

And finally, if the only emotion is excitement, then it is definitely passion. Relationships should cover the whole range of emotions from happiness to disappointment. And if you feel only playfulness in a person, then this is definitely a passion, not love.