10 things that negatively affect your health

You try to stick to a healthy diet, and sports play an important role in your life? If so, then it is good, but you should understand that health is not only exchanging a cheeseburger for a salad. It is also an awareness of what you are doing and how it affects your body. Your daily habits can adversely affect your health, no matter how many minutes you spend on an ellipse.

Do not use sun protection

The cream, even with the lowest protection, will save you from developing melanoma and cancer cells. Set a goal: never leave home without sunscreen. The sun's rays affect the skin, even in winter. Remember that ultraviolet rays are everywhere. They penetrate through the car window, sneak through the clouds and rain. And even more so do not forget to take a tube with you when you are going to the beach or to ride in the mountains.

Sit all day

Office workers spend a lot of time sitting at the table. And then they come home and sit down again - but already on the sofa. It turns out that in this position they spend about 12−13 hours. But few people think that such a lifestyle has a negative impact on the physical and mental state: the risk of cancer, diabetes and serious problems with productivity. Therefore, during the day, try to devote a few minutes for a short and simple charge.

Do not sleep at night

“I won't sleep, but I will,” is not the best choice. Sleepless nights can cause hypertension, diabetes, depression and heart disease. In addition, it significantly affects the work of the brain: you lose concentration, think slower and become absent-minded. Take a bath before bed, give up caffeine and alcohol in the evening, and also choose a comfortable mattress and pillows. And still - get a calendar of your affairs. Then you can keep up and donate more sleep.

First of all, drink coffee

Shutterstock Caffeine triggers metabolism faster, reduces the risk of developing diabetes and may even prolong life. But this does not mean that a cup of coffee is the first thing you should do in the morning. The thing is that during sleep, the body is dehydrated, and drinking coffee also worsens this process. So the first thing - a glass of water, and therefore everything else.

Live in multitasking mode

For a modern person to take on many tasks is absolutely normal. Sometimes it even seems that the more the better. But no: multitasking leads to emotional burnout and chronic stress. Learn to politely refuse when you realize that you will not pull. Simply no". Your body will thank you.

Depend on google

The Internet is not the best source of information when it comes to your health. Through Google, you can make any diagnosis, start treatment, and then it turns out that the case was different, and time was already lost.

Eat mindlessly

Chewing a sandwich while doing some work in parallel seems absolutely normal - saving time, after all. However, mindless food leads to not the most pleasant consequences. If you eat fast, it has a negative effect on your digestive system.

Depends on the phone

Imagine that your phone is closed somewhere and do not give you within 60 minutes. Fearfully? If so, then all is not well. Dependence on social networks distorts the view of the world and greatly affects mental health. Reduce the time you spend on the Internet, and then completely remove the application. Do not clog your brain unnecessary. Better read a book.

Watch the screen day and night

Everything is simple: from this vision deteriorates. We looked at the screen - distracted for 20 minutes. But this does not mean that this pause should be spent on opening mail on the phone.

Overeat sugar

The maximum amount of sugar for an adult man per day is 37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons. For women - 25 grams or 6 teaspoons.