Platinum blond, pink or wine: what hair color to choose for each zodiac sign


Aquarius - copper

You are very creative, so you are greatly pleased with the new hair color. Copper with a reddish tint - ideal for those who dream a lot.

Fish - ashen

The dreamers. So why not bring the craziest ideas to life? An ash tint achieved using a mix of gray and blond will be an excellent choice.

Aries - soft red

If you had to find a word that could describe you, it would be “fiery.” And this can be attributed to the hair color that suits you best.

Taurus - chestnut

We know, we know. Change is scary. For you, timid, the best option would be natural chestnut. Simple, but impressive.

Twins - two tone

Two personalities always struggle in you, so why not combine two shades on your hair?

Cancer - Caramel Pink

Hopeless romance. Cancers are used to wearing a heart in the sleeve, but now it is time to transfer it to the hair. The combination of cold and warm hues with a pink hue is ideal for love.

Lion - Platinum Blonde

You were born to attract attention. And there is no better way than a cold, platinum blond.

Virgo - blond

Your character is not the easiest. The perfect choice is cold blonde.

Scales - Honey Blonde

Throwing between chestnut and blond can end. Make a choice in favor of honey blonde and you will not regret.

Scorpio - wine

Passion is a part of you. And wine has a direct relation to it. Wine shade is designed for confident natures, but we know that you are just one of those.

Sagittarius - ashen

You were born to lead, not follow. Therefore, for you - the most fashionable shades. For example, ashen. It will suit any skin color.

Capricorn - Shatush

You are too busy to go to the salon often to tint the roots. So for you the best option is shatush.