9 habits of women who always look gorgeous

To such women, men turn around, and other ladies look at them with envy. Some of their unique appearance is a merit of nature, but they themselves have achieved a lot. Now they almost do not make special efforts to create the image, supporting it through beauty habits.

They do not dress in a hurry

Even professional stylists cannot create a stylish image in 5 minutes. Therefore, smart women carefully think through their images in advance, fixing the best kits.

They have a thoughtful wardrobe

It may even be small, but it has the perfect combination of things - basic things, trends, seasons and wonders that perfectly fit together and create perfect sets.

They wear the right underwear.

They are comfortable in it, and this is reflected in the gait, demeanor and appearance - nothing sticks out anywhere and does not bristle. In addition, they do not allow underwear to protrude from under the clothes, realizing that this moveton.

They take their cue from style icons.

Fashion blogs do not exist to entertain the vanity of these young ladies. They can spy on interesting ideas and learn how to make images not worse than professionals.

They add accents to the images

An interesting handbag, a beautiful necklace or a bright belt - and your image will no longer be boring. Many women are afraid of accessories - indeed, you can overdo it. However, even without them, the image will be incomplete.

They only wear quality items.

One cashmere sweater is better than five cheap synthetic sweaters with sales. And it's not just about quality - it’s expensive and looks better than those bought for nothing. They are of good quality fabric and the right cut.

They combine luxury and mass market

This is not at all a sign of bad taste - and even vice versa, this shows the style and ability to handle things. By the way, so many recognized style icons do. Some branded jeans, expensive shoes or brand handbags will be enough to create an image that looks elegant and expensive.

They know how to wear shoes on a flat run.

It is foolish to believe that a woman can only be beautiful in high-heeled shoes. Often, loafers or slip-ons look much more interesting. In addition, a woman who is comfortable can be seen at once - the walk becomes smoother and more graceful, and it looks much more interesting than waddling Madame on a huge hairpin.

They take care of things

In the wardrobe of a chic and well-groomed woman, you will never find a roll, faded colors or poorly ironed clothes. Each blouse and shirt, each dress hangs on its own hanger, pants are on the arrow, and underwear is separate from the rest of the wardrobe.

They are true to their style.

Fashion is fashion, but personal style and personality is more important. However, to say that gorgeous women do not follow the fashion can not be. They follow trends, but distinguish only what suits them exclusively, corresponds to their individual style.