No one scalpel: how to tighten the face with one procedure and remove the second chin

The second compilation is a problem that concerns many at any age and physique. This can happen to you due to age-related changes, when the skin becomes not so elastic and begins to sag. A second chin may appear due to the presence of excess weight. Regardless of the reason, every woman wants to get rid of this drawback and look attractive. It is not surgeries and surgeons that come to the rescue, but injection therapy cosmetology, which is less safe.

About how the second chin, told us Chief cosmetologist and owner of the clinic of aesthetic medicine Olga Moroz. The clinic has a face sculpting program that will help to cope with many aesthetic defects, including a double chin:

  • pronounced age-related changes: eyebrows, labial and nasolabial folds, creases and wrinkles, on the face, neck and décolleté, hall in the area of ​​the nasolacrimal sulcus;
  • puffiness, puffiness of the face;
  • local fat deposits in the cheeks and chin;
  • dull complexion;
  • reduced skin turgor, ptosis of the soft tissues of the face;
  • double chin;
  • retracted scars and postacne;
  • correction of the shape and / or volume of the lips, asymmetry of the face, the line of the cheekbones, facial contours, brow and temporal region, sunken cheeks, and so on.

The main principle of this procedure is naturalness, so the patient must undergo training before the start of the face sculpture, and the process itself takes several steps.

The first stage: the procedure "Slim face"

At the first stage, several courses of the Slender Face procedure are conducted. During her fat packages in the area of ​​the second chin are reduced, the flees are removed. Women often face such a problem as masking bags - this is the area in the upper part of the cheekbones, which is formed from edema resulting from impaired physiological processes within the soft tissues. And it looks like sagging skin. At the same stage, the upper and lower eyelid edemas are removed, as well as pastoznost, which adds age and makes the face heavier.

The procedure “Slim face” includes a course of injections of mesotherapeutic drugs, which are introduced into the adipose tissue.

Stage Two: Face Sculpting

The second stage is directly the culture of the face, cheekbones and chin, as well as the “triangle of youth”. After the first stage, the drug with hyaluronic acid used in this procedure falls flat and forms the required volume of the face. Tightens it, makes it easy, fresh.

One of the reasons for the importance of the first stage is to consider the peculiarity of fillers to add additional volume and attract water. That is why, if during the second stage, your face is swollen and puffy, the situation may worsen.

If you work in two stages, after the introduction of hyaluronic acid at the very beginning, your face will not swell. The first stage is aimed at this - to help the person to “dry” a little.

In the process of sculpting the face, first of all, the volume is filled up where it was lost during preparation. The face give the correct and natural forms.

The chin area also becomes watery with age, loses its elasticity and sometimes moves towards the cheeks. The volume, characteristic of younger women, is lost, clarity is lost, smooth lines disappear. In this case, it is especially important to carry out the first stage, freeing the person from excess fluid, so that the fillers lay down as precisely as possible. During the procedure, very small, practically jewelery doses of the hyaluronic acid preparation are injected to prevent puffiness and puffiness. Injections are performed exactly where, due to age, stress and other factors, volume has been lost.

The advantage of this procedure is that it is complex, and is performed at one time. At the same time, the effect persists for at least 2.5 years, and is quite capable of making an alternative to plastic surgery. To achieve the best effect together with this procedure, you can perform Botox injections, non-invasive correction of the shape of the nose, non-invasive blepharoplasty of the upper eyelid and filamentous lifting.