The only 7 things that make any bedroom uncomfortable

According to many studies, about a third of life each of us devotes to sleep. That is why the bedroom - the place where we sleep, and also just relax, watch movies or work on the Internet - is given special attention. And in this regard, 2019 can be the year when you change the design of your bedroom. Your dream will become more comfortable and healthy when you correct some design errors, which we now tell.

Bright annoying wall color

At first, a bright color may seem rather non-standard solution, but it looks bad enough. The bedroom should not irritate, contrast and be the most energetic place at home. On the contrary - it should be reassured, and soft, light tones are used for the walls. If you really want something saturated and capricious - try deep black or dark blue.

The carpet is very small or not at all.

In this case, it's not about the wall carpet, but about the carpet. It is especially important if the floor is made of natural wood. In this case, the carpet will add comfort and warm the room a little. It is important that it is not too small or in the wrong place. For example, natural sheepskin near the bed looks great in a room. At the same time, you can use any other type of carpet, the main thing is to place it on the sides along the bed, so that in the morning it would be nice to become feet on it.

The bed size is too big for the room

No matter how comfortable and interestingly decorated the bed is - do not buy it if there is too little space for it in the room. It may happen that you will not be able to walk near it, or you will have no place to store other things. It is important to bear in mind that, besides the bed itself, there is also a headboard and frame that will additionally occupy space, and can even make the room cramped. And even more so you should not put a four-poster bed in a small room - it will visually make it even smaller.

There is little natural light in the bedroom space.

Whenever placing something at a window, we block the penetration of natural light into the room. Although if there are several windows, there is nothing terrible about it. When there is little light, use additional light sources: pendant, table lamps, floor lamps. They will make your bedroom more bright. You can also experiment with the bed - reduce (if possible) or completely remove the headboard and choose a bed with a low-profile frame.

Patterned Bedroom Set

Famous designers will discourage you from buying a full-fledged bedroom set. Of course, everything is included there: bedside tables, a wardrobe, a dresser and a dressing table. But, as a rule, all bedrooms are made on a pattern, respectively, the person is removed from the space. To avoid this, it is recommended (if you already have such a set) to update it, breaking it up into some parts. For example, bedside tables to find a place in other rooms, and to introduce a new, more interesting modern version to the bedroom. It is believed that a room looks better when it combines furniture of several styles, different times, shapes and finishes.

The bed is so low that it literally lies on the floor.

If your bed is very low - it's time to fix it. A bed standing on legs allows its owner to feel more meaningful (in other words, who does not want to have a room that looks like a personal lock?) And is important in this world. In addition, raising the bed from the floor, there will be additional storage space (more suitable for beds with a classic frame).

Sheer mess

On the one hand, everyone wants the bedroom to be filled with his favorite things and speak of the owner of the bedroom as a person. On the other hand, a bedroom without any things looks businesslike. It’s worth finding a balance in all of this - to keep the situation meaningful, but minimalist - then there will be no confusion. Every object and thing should have its place, knowing that, if necessary, you can quickly put everything in place.