10 psychological rules of personal care that give a great result

Due to the influence of advertising and mass media, women almost from early childhood become dissatisfied with themselves. As a result, self-care looks like a procedure for fitting the appearance to generally accepted standards. At the same time, in order to really look good and please others, not imitation is required.

Learn to see your beauty.

Do not wait for someone to point it to you. Look at yourself sensibly and notice not only the minuses, but also the pros. We are very critical of ourselves, so it’s not so easy to do that. However, it is the understanding of one's own beauty that is the first step in learning how to properly present oneself.

Learn to identify your needs.

Do not buy all the beauty products in a row: from this you will not look better. Understand what your problem is and figure out how to fix it, and only then go to the store or to a beautician. For example, if you have oily problem skin, then put on it with layers of foundation cream and powder, and the rest of the time - all the funds in a row, do not. It is better to spend money on consultation with a specialist who will tell you exactly what to do.

Set adequate goals

Even if you deny yourself the necessary food, you will not lose 20 kg in a week - rather you will earn health problems. Look at things adequately and do not expect a miracle. It is better to work purposefully on yourself.

Take your features

Adjusting yourself to the ideal is the worst thing you can think of. Appreciate what you have. It is in the uniqueness of your advantage.

Get support from

Sometimes, in order to be convinced of our own attractiveness, to recognize our strengths and weaknesses, we need support from outside. To do this, you need a reliable person whom you trust: a close friend or mother. Ask, ask to remind you that you are really beautiful - and your appearance will really begin to change for the better.

Get good habits

All cosmetic and beauty treatments give a good result only if they are performed regularly. Therefore, acquire good habits: always wash off makeup at night, use sunscreen moisturizer and do other procedures - and you will notice how much you will feel better and more confident.

Learn to concentrate on cosmetic procedures.

When you do something, don't be in the clouds. Focus on your feelings, understand why you are doing this and what your goals are. It is concentration and regular repetition (always with ritual) that will help develop the right skills for self-care. Spend time only for yourself and your beauty.

Contact your body

When you are engaged in grooming procedures, you should concentrate only on your body and your sensations. Do not think about anything else - neither about financial problems, nor about complex relationships. Try to fully concentrate on the movements that you make and on the result you get.


First, from the process itself - after all, most of the treatments are very pleasant. Secondly, from the result - immediately start thinking about how beautiful you will become, how elegant and elegant you will look.

Praise yourself

Everyone, even the most insignificant in your opinion, small progress deserves praise and encouragement. This will help not to lose motivation, to continue to firmly go in the right direction.