6 emotionally empty signs of the zodiac, not able to feel absolutely nothing


Is it possible for a living person to become completely empty emotionally? We all came across people who at a certain moment were too cold or closed, but we always assumed that their condition was the result of some kind of emotional overload, which manifested itself in a nervous breakdown, and has absolutely nothing to do with what astrological sign belongs to this person.

A nervous breakdown cannot last for too long a period of time, so the person experiencing it must put his feelings in order in order to continue to live normally, as before. But for the signs of the zodiac that are devoid of emotions, in order to save them from the eclipse that has covered them with their heads, it is not enough just to have a positive horoscope.

When we feel pain, we just need to get rid of it, and sometimes we need to do it immediately, otherwise we risk literally going crazy. Most often, and in most cases, unconsciously, it turns out that we close it. When we close, we resist our emotions with all our might, forcing ourselves to feel less, because it is feelings that create this very pain. We release ourselves from emotions in order to be able to cope with the pain we are experiencing, because when it becomes almost unbearable, we lose control of it. In order to regain control of it, we teach ourselves to be cold, and, ultimately, empty.

Some of us are more inclined to abandon our emotions, others, on the contrary, less. This article lists six senseless signs of the zodiac that successfully achieve their goals when they make an informed choice in favor of emotional devastation.


Persistent Capricorns can easily fool you. Once they understand that someone is trying to test the strength of their emotions, they instantly close, allowing others to think that they have voluntarily plunged into prolonged oblivion.

Capricorns can not suffer mental distress, so in order to cope with them, they have to turn into masters of emotionlessness.


They went through a lot, their pain was almost unbearable, but as a result of this they learned to cope with it excellently, simply closing and abstracting from it. At times, Aquarius can look emotionally dead (empty), which in the circle of their close friends and family can be considered extremely unnerving.

They may seem sullen to you, but in fact they are focused on self-defense. They are not dead at all, they just need everyone around them to think so.


Since Scorpions are by their nature so cold enough, they don’t have to enter into a state of emotional desolation at all, because for them it's like turning a switch.

We are accustomed to perceive Scorpios as a sign of the Zodiac, which is most likely to enter a state of emotional emptiness, when it comes to this, but in fact they spend much less effort on literally becoming invisible, invisible. Scorpios turn off their emotions twenty times a day, therefore, they are perceived by others indifferent to the bone.


When you are as stubborn as Aries can be, you are also required to constantly maintain an appropriate mood, so you are perfectly able to convince the whole world that you are dead inside. To begin with, Aries are emotionally unstable, which means this kind of unpredictability can either be crowned with a destructive explosion, or be restrained and moderate with the help of the practice of emotional emptiness.

It takes a lot of effort to constantly maintain the position “I am always right”, so sometimes Aries have to completely abandon any emotions in order to live at least one more day.


Taurus is always on the verge, so they don’t want to deal with your own problems, trying to mentally get rid of your society only to be able, finally, to be alone. When Taurus closes, they do it with the help of alcohol, sex and other aids.

Taurus very seriously closed on everyone and everything around, so others may not even try to contact them in moments of their emotionally devastated state. No sense, just head on the wall in vain smash. But if you have already set a goal for yourself, then good luck to you, losers!


It is very difficult to be Twins. Especially with all these vast and crazy emotions hidden inside. That is why in order to somehow save the situation, when the situation around becomes completely unbearable, a completely different side comes into play.

Vulnerable Twins abandon all of their senses until they turn into true pain. Emotionality instantly gives way to inner emptiness.