How to maintain relationships at a distance when you are away from your partner: 4 effective advice

Relationships at a distance are not easy. Even the most cohesive, loyal and open to each other couples experience many conflicts and problems when they have to live far from each other. Perhaps there is nothing worse than the feeling that you can not hug your man at the end of a long and difficult day. However, relationships at a distance can be made less painful by using these tips.

Plan dates

This may sound strange, but romantic dates can be arranged at a distance - thanks to the Internet. After all, there is nothing easier to make a video call and enjoy dinner or watching the series, being in touch with your soul mate.
So make time for such “dates” so that you can share everything that happened to you in a day or a week. Believe me, communication at a distance means a lot.

Exchange letters

Here we are talking not about mobile text messages, but about the most genuine paper letters and postcards. Turn on the fantasy to make a letter with your piece - perfume it with your perfume, leave a kiss on the envelope with scarlet lipstick or just decorate the heart pizza with your letter with the letter. This, however, works.

Bonus: If you decide to send letters, you will immediately feel like a heroine of the era of Jane Austen. Just a dream!

Travel together

Instead of flying back and forth between the cities where you live, plan several joint mini-trips to new places. In addition to being together, you will also discover new cities, emotions and adventures with each other.

In addition, while you search for a dream hotel, explore the museums and cafes that you need to visit in the city, you are distracted from longing for a loved one and the time to meet him will fly less noticeable.

Maintain constant communication

Communication is a key element in any healthy relationship, and it is certainly necessary if you maintain relationships from a distance.

In each pair, the frequency of communication is individual: some like to write and communicate all day, while others are used to chatting or calling up a couple of times a week. The main thing is to discuss this moment. Communicate in the way that is best for the two of you, and make an effort and make sure that you both are happy with your level of communication so often.