Ladylike Style - the modern incarnation of femininity: we learn to wear

Ladylike style is the choice of true fashionistas, women with delicate taste who follow the fashion. Despite the fact that it comes from the last century, it fits perfectly into modern fashion and looks more than appropriate. What is it, and what are its features?

Who is he suitable for?

This is a feminine version of the strict and concise style of a business woman, independent and strong, successful and purposeful, who knows her worth. It was not by chance that the main admirer of Lady Like was the real icon of her era - Jacqueline Kennedy.

This direction was actually created by Christian Dior - the idea of ​​a dress in the style of new look, which is a true symbol of style, belongs to him.

Ladylike Style Features

The main principle of the direction - attention to every detail. Be sure to pay attention to the combination of shades, matching the length of the sleeves and the length of the pants, fit on the figure, the relevance of jewelry and accessories and the compatibility of clothing and footwear.


For this calm and feminine style is characterized by soft and restrained shades. Either these are pastel colors - beige and peach, light gray and silver, cream and fawn, pale blue or mint, or, on the contrary, deep dark colors - emerald, malachite, dark purple, indigo, burgundy, dark blue. Bright colors for this style are not typical - they look too defiant. But prints may be present - especially classic: peas, floristics, strip.


There are no bags and loose-leaf silhouettes here. In Lady Like clothes, it is worth noting a pronounced waist (a belt or a belt at the waist is possible), midi length, and closed shoulders. Fabrics of dresses and suits are necessarily expensive and of high quality - cashmere or silk, satin, etc.


In the image must be present accessories. It can be hats - small neat hats, gloves, neckerchiefs, sunglasses.


Only elegant classics - pumps on an elegant, small and stable heel.

How to adapt Lady Like to modern fashion?

Today, you can find many stylish images in blogs, where new look silhouette dresses and similar ones are completed with a fashionable leather jacket - this is a great example of a modern reading of this vintage fashion trend. Any other midi skirts also look very relevant today.

Another option - trouser suits. You should not be limited to black color - choose deep tones, and even better - light shades.