9 annoying male mistakes that should alert every woman

In a love relationship, both women and men make mistakes. These blunders interfere with mutual understanding and expression of feelings. But it’s one thing when a mistaken man tries to correct it and prevent it, and quite another when it becomes his “calling card”.

Here are 9 mistakes that most men make with enviable consistency, not understanding how much they interfere with the development of harmonious relationships.

He philosophizes during intimacy.

Even Nietzsche said that you need to enjoy the silence. If a man likes to constantly philosophize during intimacy, he should be careful to say that this moment requires other actions, and you can talk about the impact of the dollar on the cost of household appliances later.

He is fully online during a serious conversation with you.

It is important for every woman that her chosen one hears and listens to her, and attentively treats her desires. If a beloved man during an important conversation for both is completely fascinated by something else, he needs to clarify the full significance of the conversation. Do not make a scandal, but calmly explain. If it does not help, transfer the conversation to another time.

A man has sex without taking off his shirt

Sometimes the behavior of a man in intimate affairs is very strange. For example, he may not specifically take off his shirt or t-shirt before having sex. And this is not at all because he is in a hurry. If this causes severe irritation, it is important to discuss these points with your loved one.

He tells all his friends that he has no girlfriend

It is often difficult for a man to admit not only his friends, but also himself that he has a serious relationship. That he has been living with a girl for half a year already, she is interestingly spending the weekend with her and cannot imagine life without her. In a conversation with him, it is necessary to emphasize that it is normal to recognize the presence of a girl, and not deny it in front of you and your loved ones.

He does not give flowers

Many men do not understand why give fresh flowers if they wilt in two days. The task of a woman is to show how you can show your feelings and how much joy you can deliver by giving a beautiful bouquet.

He is in a fleeting relationship.

It happens that a man wants to build a relationship with a girl "today", without promising anything for the future - no feelings, no responsibilities. For fleeting relationships, it will fit, but for strong relationships, this approach is fundamentally wrong. It is necessary to find out what his expectations from the relationship with you.

Tries to solve all problems.

In some situations, the only thing that is required of a man is to listen, empathize and empathize. His intervention is not always necessary. But there are men who literally climb everywhere, insisting on their participation in the solution of the issue, which they may not touch at all. Moreover, the intervention may also aggravate the situation. When a man wants to solve all problems, it is tactful to explain to him that there are issues not within his competence, but his moral support is always important to you.

Scattered with compliments

Every woman wishes to hear a few good words in her address, but if a man is scattered with compliments to the right and left, on the occasion and without a pretext, this is too much. Let him know that this is unpleasant for you.

Image - everything!

Every man wants to look cool in front of his friends. Therefore, his behavior can be quite strange and tough, because if he is attentive, courteous to his girlfriend, he can be called “henpecked”. A woman will need a maximum of tact and caution in communication in order to achieve the golden mean in such a situation.