If you wash like this, you'll always look younger than your peers.

All women (and not only) are well aware of the importance of such a procedure as washing, and do not neglect them. However, only the correctness in the implementation of this procedure can lead to excellent results.

Wash in the morning and evening

Cleansing Dermpure Gel, Cholley, 4700 Rub. Deep Cleansing Gel. It is necessary to wash your face twice a day. In the evening, you wash away the impurities that have accumulated on your face during the day before bedtime, and in the morning, on the contrary, get rid of skin secretions accumulated on the skin surface during the night. Please note that when evening washing it is necessary to remove the makeup before proceeding to the process itself - the skin must be well cleansed.

Start with warm water, finish with cold

Hot water will help your skin to grow old faster, and wash with cold water is uncomfortable. But contrast washing helps to make the skin more elastic and stay young and beautiful longer. Start washing with warm, and at the end of the procedure, rinse your face with cold water.

Do not wipe your face with a towel

Intense toweling can injure your skin. Correctly after washing, blot the skin with napkins until the water is completely absorbed.

Do not use soap and alcohol-based lotions.

Alcohol-based lotions are permissible only in the case of very oily, problem skin, and only in a small amount. Soap is also unacceptable - it dries the skin and contributes to premature aging.

Use micellar water or tonic

Micellar water helps to moisturize the skin, make it more elastic, and also mitigate the effects of hard water. At the same time, buying an expensive tool is unprofitable. For example, the micellar water from Garnier copes with its purpose perfectly and at the same time does not ruin you - one product will last for a very long time.

Wipe face to full clean cotton pad

Using cleansers or make-up removal products, you need to wipe the face repeatedly, until it is completely cleansed. In other words, it is worth finishing the procedure only when the cotton pad is completely clean.
Mousse for skin cleansing Mousse Demaquillante, Academie, 1978 rub .; facial wash deep cleansing Basic, Dr. Jart +, 500 rub .; Soft phyto-foam Gentle Herbal Cleansing Foam, Kypwell, price on request. Means for cleansing the skin should be used as soft and gentle, with a soft texture. The best option is a product in the form of mousse.