Achilles heel: what is the weakness of each of the signs of the zodiac


Even if a person is wearing emotional armor from head to toe, there is a vulnerable point that he will defend at all costs - because a direct hit causes pain. What are the weaknesses of the representatives of each of the signs of the zodiac?


The ram acts as a symbol of this sign for a reason: these people are ready to break through the walls with their foreheads if they need something. And it is not only a matter of purpose and character, but simply they are absolutely not able to come to terms with the fact that for some reason someone is encroaching on their leadership. This is incredibly tormenting them.


Representatives of this sign are so materialistic that they are completely unable to give something of their own to someone else. At the same time, it doesn’t matter at all whether it is about things or people.


Language is at the same time the weakest and strongest point of this sign. On the one hand, it is the language that helps Gemini to survive. On the other hand, thanks to him, they regularly plunge into something.


The weak point of Rakov is an incredible sensibility, from which they themselves suffer no less than all those around them. And Cancer can take offense for the most insignificant reason, and even for no reason at all.

a lion

Selfishness Lviv is so incredible that it easily fills all the space in the life of his loved ones. At home, he all go on the line, because to cross him - more expensive. And if you suddenly doubt his superiority and in general that there is no one better than him, do not stutter about it in his presence.


She will reach anyone with her endless nagging. Representatives of this sign - the most real perfectionists and do not accept when the rules are violated. This creates a tangible discomfort for them, with which they are rarely able to come to terms.


The life of Libra is a constant oscillation in one direction or the other. They are always in search of harmony, and suffer from uncertainty, which is rarely completely possible to avoid.


The Scorpion Challenge is their rich emotional world. All consider them vindictive and vindictive, and for this they do not like, not suspecting that the reason is in the incredibly vulnerable soul, which he hides behind his shell.


For Sagittarius, it is simply unbearable if someone disagrees with his point of view, and with all his strength tries to convince his opponent that he is wrong. Therefore, Sagittarius is often considered a rather quarrelsome and stubborn person.


Capricorn is very similar to Scorpio: their impenetrable face will never reveal that something is not going according to plan. Although this sign of stormy emotions and mood swings are not typical, they can fall into a real depression if something goes not according to plan.


The problem of every Aquarius is the categorical unwillingness to live “like everyone else.” He is simply not ready to adjust his life to standards, obscure rules, and strive to diversify the usual course of things with eccentric antics. And very offended if they do not understand him.


They seem very dreamy, sometimes even strange, but their problem is that they are completely unsure of themselves. They have to constantly make excuses, even if in fact they are absolutely not to blame for anything.