5 men who choose a stupid woman (and smart ones are not needed)

For some reason, everyone thinks that men do not like smart women. And the complexes they begin (how is it - a woman, and smarter?), And the problems that are more than enough from smart women, they do not want. But in fact, this is a real archaism, and today men, on the contrary, prefer women, with whom there is something to talk about and who will completely live in a pinch without him.

But there are men who really prefer stupid women. But is it worth pretending to get such a treasure?

Male complex

This man will be much easier with a fool: an intelligent woman makes too many complaints, but he is not sure that he will pull them, and therefore very nervous. A stupid woman doesn’t usually have many claims against a man.

A man who himself does not shine with intelligence

Therefore, he needs a fool to look like a clever and worthy man against her background. Moreover, an intelligent and ambitious woman will constantly try to pull him up, but he absolutely does not want to.

Mommy's son

On the one hand, such a man needs a firm, domineering woman who will take over all control over his life, and in fact it happens quite often. But he himself dreams of a fool - next to which he can at least partly feel like a real man. Yes, and mother is unlikely to approve the imperious rival in the life of her son.

A man who does not need a relationship

He was just bored, and sex was long gone. At the same time, he doesn’t want to make any significant efforts in order to win a worthy woman - it’s much easier with a fool. She has no special requests: she needs compliments, a bouquet of flowers, a couple of gifts, and the absence of serious intentions can be silent.

Professional Lovelace

This man knows exactly what to do with women. And women, of course, do not really want to be another doll in the long list of its victims. An intelligent woman will immediately see through this, but you can play with a fool.