If in your relationship there is not even one of these 10 things, you will never be the perfect couple.

There are relationships that are so strong that they last a lifetime. And this is not about luck or luck. This is the result of constant efforts on both sides and a desire to be together no matter what.

There are certain qualities that should never be absent in strong relationships - otherwise they will simply fall apart over time. Therefore, you need to make a relationship and keep at any cost these 10 components of a healthy relationship.


A long and strong friendship means that there is a deep bond between you that goes beyond the romantic aspect of your relationship. Remember, friendship is the basis of relationships.

The trust

Distrust is something that can make a relationship crack and collapse. No matter how perfect your relationship is, they cannot survive without trust. And this is a proven truth.


All healthy relationships should be based on mutual respect. Both sides must recognize each other as equal, always be open and take into account each other’s thoughts, beliefs, problems and needs.

Attraction to each other

The state during the honeymoon, when you hugged and kissed each other every second, naturally disappears with time. But this should not mean that the attraction should be completely forgotten. Oral and physical reminders, such as “I love you” and touching when talking, strengthen your connection.


One of the most common mistakes of couples is to forget that they are a team. Your second half is your life partner and, therefore, your greatest support and support. You will be much more successful working with her together, and not against her.


As soon as one of you begins to hide things from another, your relationship will start to go astray. You will always carry a sense of guilt for insincerity. Secrets can grow into a snowball that crushes your relationship.


This is not only about sex, although sex plays a crucial role in the success of a relationship. Intimacy requires a deeper understanding of each other, which is much more important than physical attraction.


No matter how deep and long you are in a relationship, do not let the sense of humor and light attitude towards life disappear from them. Jokes that were once considered ridiculous should not once be met with irritation. Try to keep the relationship as carefree and playful as they were at the very beginning.


No matter how trite it may sound, in a pair both parties must support each other, convince each other that all our plans will work out and that you will always be there, regardless of the outcome.

Unconditional love

Love must be comprehensive, all-consuming and mutual. If you have clear reasons in your head for which you love this or that person, this is rather not love, but calculation, a mutually beneficial relationship. Unconditional love means love without causes, rules, demands and expectations. You just love the person as he is.