5 sweaters that you need to get rid of your wardrobe without feeling sorry

Sweaters have long ceased to be exclusively winter wardrobe. They are our main base during the cold season, a great transitional option in the fall or spring, and even the replacement of outerwear with cool summer evenings. Each of us annually buys at least one new model of a warm, cozy sweater, but it also does not cease to wear, while those that were purchased earlier. And if we know for sure which jumpers should be paid attention to during the next shopping, then we most likely do not take into account what should no longer be taken and put on from our closet.

We present to your attention a list of 5 sweaters that you definitely will not need in the next few years:

Thin knitwear

He unduly fits the figure and emphasizes all the flaws, even the most minor. Such women can be worn only for women with an ideal figure, and only competently combining with other items of clothing. Worse, if these sweaters are shortened. They do not warm, and emphasize the sides. So mercilessly say goodbye to them, until we reach the ideal parameters in the gym. In the meantime, sweaters with a tighter knit or cozy oversize patterns can replace them.

With collar-collar

Visually, he makes the neck shorter, giving the entire body bulkiness. And if the sweater is also black, then the face becomes emaciated and earthy, which is also not entirely at hand against the backdrop of dull black and white landscapes. It is better to replace the collar with a loose high collar or a seductive V-neckline revealing the collarbone. The latter will give fragility and femininity.

Faded shades

We are not talking about pastel colors, like the classic beige, we oppose those models that are made in undemanding and faded colors. Do not infringe upon the right to be a truly bright person. Find those shades that will emphasize, for example the shade of your hair, eyes or skin, and use the brightness to the maximum.

Too open

Perhaps it is an open back, shoulders, or the absence of sleeves, and once made sweaters trendy, but not today. The current fashion becomes more reasonable and eliminates any irrelevance, such as warm things that can not be warmed. If you want to stand out, pay attention to stylish knitted dresses that will make you no less feminine, showing off your slender legs, but also will not cause discomfort in inclement weather.


Fine, if you know how to handle knitting, but even the most skilled craftswoman can’t create a fashionable sweater. Hand-knitting looks rough, so it seems awkward, does not fit. Lace crocheted products look like a knitted napkin on the body. Better choose a classic simple sweater and embellish it with inserts - it will look better.