Bad habits on the signs of the zodiac - and what you have

Everyone has bad habits. Only here some habits seem harmless and even nice for you, while others become a real test for your nerves. We have compiled for you a list of bad habits of zodiac signs, so that you know exactly who to contact and who not to contact.


With these comrades, everything is simple - an unstable nervous system, that’s their main cockroach. And if you want your lover to stop spoiling your nerves, give him someone he cares about - it will be quieter.


I do not know who invented that Tauruses are neat and love cleanliness, but this has little in common with reality. However, maybe they love if someone brought her for them, but they themselves make a terrible mess.


They talk too much. Stopping them is extremely difficult - unless you cook something tasty for them. And it is not a fact that they will not continue to chat with their mouth full, so earplugs will be much more effective.


But he will definitely have to prepare treats - otherwise he will be mortally offended by you. Crawfish are terrible sweet-teeth, and they seize with sweets the stress that they have more than enough. And as soon as they do not get fat?

a lion

If you carefully observe Leo for some time, you will notice that he is absolutely not able to pass by the mirror and not look into it. In the best case, she will correct her bangs, in the worst - she will make a face, and, satisfied with herself, will go on.


In the case of the Virgin, earplugs will be needed even more than with Gemini. Because to stop finding fault with you, the Virgin is not capable. Well, it can not be so. She needs to control everything, including you.


Laziness is the problem of Libra. They need a good kick to get off the couch - otherwise they risk getting stuck there for at least a week. Therefore, they need some kind of Capricorn or Scorpio nearby - they love to distribute magic kicks to those around them. Only not Virgo - this is too much.


Each Scorpio has its own list of enemies, like Arya from the Game of Thrones - fortunately, they do not kill them (at least we hope so). But then they will take revenge to the fullest - and it does not matter that you just did not give him a fork during dinner, because you were too lazy to get up.


They always compare themselves with others - in which everything is better known. And then with such enthusiasm they begin to demand praise and compliments from their relatives, that any Leo would envy.


They never rest. But this is still half the trouble - worst of all, that others do not give. And it’s okay if there are some Scales living next to them, for whom a little control won't hurt. But careless Twins or the wayward Leo from such a tyranny are ready to climb on the wall.


Ah, this is a magic word - Freedom! Try to lock up Aquarius at home, or just tell him that today he will not go anywhere - and you will see a tantrum that even Aries is incapable of. But to do something useful, he needs inspiration.


The phrase “I have nothing to do with it, it’s myself,” is usually spoken just by Pisces. Because they are not ready to take responsibility for something, and therefore they are waiting for someone who does everything for them (it usually turns out to be Scorpio, with which Pisces get on surprisingly well).