11 things for which a man wants to hear from you "thank you"


When a relationship with a man has already passed the candy-bouquet period, a woman is inclined to overlook many of his actions. Deeds in which he expresses love and care. Deeds for which he would be happy to hear “thank you” from you. However, in the daily hectic, we forget to thank and appreciate these actions, which are very important for each of us.

Here are 11 things for which women forget to express gratitude to the beloved man:

1. Thank you, beloved, for supporting me in difficult times

We all have hard times. We see the light at the end of the tunnel and think only about ourselves. And yet, it is so nice when someone is there to support us, to console and cheer, even when it is a very difficult time.

2. Thank you for supporting the achievement of goals and the pursuit of a dream

Sometimes we need more effort and time to achieve our goals. And this time we will not be able to spend on their loved ones. Perhaps no one will understand us. But in spite of everything, we should be grateful to our beloved for the fact that they are our greatest supporters and force us to move on to new heights at the moment when it would seem that we are ready to give up everything.

3. Thank you for seeing the best in me.

Often we do not notice their shortcomings. And more often we do not see their good qualities. And if our loved ones look at us as the most amazing people on Earth, throughout the history of the existence of mankind, we should be grateful for that.

4. Thank you for helping me grow up and be better

Often being in a long relationship, people change a lot. And they forget who they were when they met. You have to be grateful to your loved one for pushing you, helping you to develop in the right direction, motivating you to become a good person. A man who deserves the same love as he.

5. Thank you for being interested in my favorite things, even if they seem crazy.

Perhaps not everyone likes the way we sing, especially when we take the top notes. But our loved ones are ready to listen slowly, and even try to enjoy such things. Thank them for that.

6. Thank you for all those little things made especially for me.

Many people think that loved ones simply do not notice when a warm dinner awaits them at home. When a cup of coffee suddenly appears on the table. When a nice compliment sounds. Not true, we notice, but not always thank for it.

7. Thank you, darling, for the care and everything you do for me.

Kiss on the eyes of friends. Romantic recognition for all. Protection and public support. We appreciate the fact that it is sometimes embarrassing to do in public to show our concern for us.

8. Thank you for listening to all that I have boiled in the shower

Every day brings us something new - be it good or bad. But the fact that they are ready to discuss problems with you, find the right solution and just listen, deserves special respect.

9. Thank you for being myself.

It's great when loved ones don't expect the world to revolve around them - they like to be part of it. And even more - when they are forced not to ignore friends, but to meet and spend more time with them, and do not require all attention only to themselves. This is just happiness.

10. Thank you for always loving me.

Some love their soul mate - if good, then love, and if bad, then not so much. I am grateful that I love and show me my love every day.

11. Thank you for always being with me.

Even if we do not pronounce all of this, we cannot imagine our life without them, our loved ones, and we hope that this will never happen.