Speak compliments to a man, and he will not go "left": we explain why

Men sometimes change. According to statistics, still more often than women. There may be many different reasons for this. Someone does not like that his fatal beauty with a model appearance, on which he married, turned into a housewife in a washed-out robe, someone does not have enough sex, because his wife has a headache all the time. But the most common situation when a man feels undervalued.

Isn't your man the best in the world? After all, you knowingly chose him. Feel free to tell him about it. He really needs to hear it from you - otherwise it will be much easier for him to be seduced by the sweet speeches of another woman. What should a man talk about?

He is the best

The best man - the best wife. Yes, he also has many disadvantages (although, of course, it is better not to mention this), but who has none? Let him leave behind him dirty dishes in the sink, but he cooks fried potatoes so tasty that your entire diet ends immediately.

He is the strongest

For a man it is very important to know this - that is what characterizes him as a worthy man. Strong and physically - to move the bed and lift the closet, he can alone and mentally - no life difficulties can break his spirit.

He is the most beautiful

Not only women want to be beautiful. You would be surprised how many men would have painted themselves if they had not been afraid that they would be attributed to unconventional sexual orientation. But he's so good, so tell him about it!

He is the smartest

This woman can still allow herself to be not very smart (but even for us this is completely undesirable). But for a man, a high level of intelligence is a real need. Let him know that most men are inferior to him.

He is the most successful

Today, financial and social well-being are replacing “peacock feathers” for men. The steeper it is, the higher it is valued. And even if he hasn’t earned on Mercedez-Benz (but he has Kia), praise him. Then things will definitely go uphill.

He is very good in bed

It is very important to him that in bed with him you get pleasure - this speaks of his true male strength. If you are doing well in intimate relationships, he simply will not need any lover.