Than you repel men: 9 qualities of a woman who is difficult to love

A man does not need a beautiful and soulless doll (depending on which one, of course, but definitely not worthy). Appearance is not the main thing in a woman, although it has a considerable value. Much more important is her personality, the qualities she possesses. It is for him that a man determines how much a lady is promising as a future companion of life. What qualities don't attract them at all?

Mercantile spirit

Do not confuse mercantile spirit with the desire to live well, which is characteristic of any woman. Of course, we are all looking for a successful man for ourselves - nature has incorporated it in us, and financial well-being today is considered the most visible marker. However, do not take a man, just as a bag of money. They don’t like it and you can understand them - you don’t want to be perceived only as a sexual object?


This is just unattractive, that's all. A boorish woman looks unfeeling, and immediately loses all her grace, tenderness and helplessness.

Denial of male superiority

Very controversial point. On the one hand, today we have equality. Moreover, men really like independent women who do not sit on the neck. But he's a man! He wants to feel like a leader. And it all depends on your desires. If you want excellence, then prove it. Want love - give him at least a chance to take care of you.


Yes, men, on the one hand, can attract healthy competition and what you like men. But if you reciprocate everything, he will unwittingly think about whether you will be faithful to him later.

Inability to accept love

Such women are quite common. The reason most often lies in the complexes, or in unsuccessful past relationships. With such women it is very difficult, because they are not ready to believe in the sincerity of feelings on the part of a man.

Lack of interest

You can be very beautiful, but if you have nothing to talk about, any decent man will send you to the bench.

The habit of playing fool

As we recently wrote, fools are not interested in men. Even if you’re really smart, but you make a fool of yourself. He simply will not go into all these details.


Bright, uncompromising character - this is beautiful. But the bitch men are not very fond of. They prefer a comfortable life next to their beloved, and not a time bomb, ready to explode at any moment.

Too high moral standards

Yes, men love to have sex, and they see nothing wrong with that. And they love to have fun. Too modest and strict lady who lives emphasized correctly, not too attractive to them.