7 things in the female wardrobe that are both beautiful and dangerous

Every modern woman tends to look stylish and keep up with the times. For many, this happens on an intuitive level, some derive information from fashion magazines or the Internet. All of us, one way or another, are trying to follow trends, however, some of them are capable of harming us. In order for you not to become a hostage, and, what is even more regrettable, a victim of fashion trends, we have prepared for you the top 7 most harmful trends.

Skinny jeans

They came into vogue back in the 50s of the last century, and now have become an integral part of each wardrobe. We wear them as a universal thing on any occasion, even without suspecting that they are not as harmless as we always thought. The main harmful factor is their closeness. The British physicians, after conducting a study, came to the conclusion that a tight-fitting body tissue with prolonged wear begins to cause numbness of the skin, resulting in a constant feeling of discomfort, which can lead to neuralgia of the lateral skin nerve. Air circulation is worsening, itching, tingling, and intense burning, and as a result, numbness in the legs.


@ csmartfxAccessories play an important role in the addition of any image. Competent selection of the accessory is included in the daily routine of any girl, because he makes the image complete and complete. Now we will talk about sunglasses. Many seek to save money and buy glasses in unverified retail outlets, not even knowing what harm they can do to their eyesight.

Low-quality glasses do not have the ability to block the ultraviolet and blue-violet spectrum, from which so-called sunglasses are trying to protect themselves. All that can be achieved from such glasses is a certain degree of darkening. With a lack of light, the pupil expands, and all those radiations from which we are trying to protect ourselves fall directly on the retina. Thus, the natural adaptation mechanism of the eyes simply does not work. Choose and buy sunglasses without saving on them, and in specialized stores - so you exclude the possibility of causing damage to your health.

Corrective underwear

ShutterstockCorset and crinolines were replaced by corrective underwear and utyazhki. If you wear it exclusively for events, then there will be no significant harm to health. But with a long wear, the soothing underwear causes a disturbance of the pelvic organs, digestion and can cause infertility. So maybe you should listen to your body and go in for sports to be slim?
Push-ups for girls with small breasts and small bras - owners of magnificent forms. To achieve the ideal size and shape of the breast, some girls are ready to have surgery, while others prefer to simply wear special underwear. But an incorrectly chosen bra, too small or too big, invariably leads to the deformation of both the chest and the spine.

High heel

@ alexandralapp_It is difficult to imagine a female wardrobe without high-heeled shoes. She makes our images truly attractive, feminine, sexy. Gait becomes more graceful, and even the figure is changing for the better. Therefore, the vast majority of women wear heels every day, and in the evenings makes foot baths and suffers from back pain.

Heels can bring real health to your health. The point is that the center of gravity shifts, and we have to bend more strongly in the lumbar region - otherwise we just fall. As a result, the intervertebral discs have too much load, they are displaced and pinch the nerve roots in the lumbosacral spine. And this leads to severe pain and poor posture.

Costume jewelery

It is very difficult to refuse jewelry. Yes, and not worth it - they make the image more interesting, put the right accents. But jewelry made of precious metals, as well as high-quality jewelry, are very expensive. At the same time, analogues can be purchased at a more attractive price.

Should not be doing that. Experts have repeatedly analyzed the composition of the metal from which cheap jewelry is made - you can find cadmium and lead, mercury and arsenic in it, which can harm your health.

Bulk bags

It would seem, what can damage the bulk bag? In recent years, they have gained crazy popularity - they look good, you can put everything you need to take with them, and, finally, it is fashionable. However, it is the desire to carry with you everything you need, too, can harm you. A full bulk bag weighs a lot. And since most women hang it on one shoulder, this leads to poor posture, as well as an increase in the load on the vertebral discs. The most innocuous thing you can get is a constant back pain. In the worst case, osteochondrosis and scoliosis. By the way, the walk also becomes less graceful. Shouldn't you still leave half the things at home?