A life

Noble Volodya, who always threw his mistress, if his wife called

My friend Inna told me one sentimental story that happened not so long ago in her life. Inna is a woman free, beautiful, fun loving and hot places. And in her last trip to a nightclub, she met Volodya. Vladimir turned out to be 7 years younger than her, cheerful, handsome, charming and able to break away.

It all started with a couple of cocktails, then joint dances, which were getting hotter, innocent kisses, growing into more and, behold, Inna with the new chosen one was already racing in a taxi through the city at night to spend a passionate and unforgettable night. It must be said, she herself invited Volodya to herself - she really liked him very much, and besides, it was a sin not to take advantage of the position of an adult wealthy woman and not to invite the man to visit me.

Vova increasingly fascinated Inna. Immediately did not bother, at first they had long intellectual conversations about books and films, sipping expensive champagne extracted from Innini reserves, then began a long prelude, when Volodya literally showered Innu with compliments, kissed every piece of his body and promised that will be more and more. Inna melted in his hands, sank in his eyes and thought that he was the perfect man. And no matter what, she met him at a nightclub. What ideal men have no right to have fun?

When the gloomy autumn dawn broke in the window, Inna and Vova finally switched from practice to work and passionately indulged in love. At the most crucial moment, Vovin mobile rang. Inna wanted to cover him with a pillow so as not to interfere, but Volodya intercepted her hand. Grabbing the phone under his arm, awkwardly removing a girl who does not understand anything from himself, he climbs out of bed, becoming red like a cancer. He closed the phone with his hand and answered the call, he slipped into another room. Inna frowned and suspected something was wrong.

After a minute, Vladimir again squeezed into the room, threw a frightened look at Inna, and began hastily to pick up his clothes from the floor. “What happened then?”, Only Inna could ask. "Yes, so ... Nothing special ... But I have to leave urgently," Volodya mumbled, putting on his jeans. "Urgent business?", - Inna mockingly raised one eyebrow. “It's not that, but you can say so. The child fell ill, the temperature was high, the wife called, I need to buy medicine, ”Volodya squeezed out. Inna choked, coughed and held out: “So are you married or something? But what about the nightclub, entertainment and everything? ”. “So I tell my wife that she is at night. She believes, ”the guy happily blurted out, smiling with all his teeth at once, as if proud of himself and his own resourcefulness.

That's how the last Innina collapsed hope that the ideal men still remained. As it turned out, the princes are long gone.