5 things with a belt that will emphasize the waist and 3 that will destroy

If you want to quickly and simply create a stylish and interesting look, just add accessories. They make the set truly bright and special. Today we look at such a practical accessory, like a belt. What is it worth wearing and what is better not to?

What can you wear a belt?

Dress shirt

This practical dress for all occasions can be even more interesting if you add a belt to it. It is worth choosing either according to the color as close as possible, or try to exploit one of the most relevant fashion trends: try on a large black string. This trend looks particularly interesting with a dress-shirt.


Coat with a belt has become almost a classic in recent seasons, when exactly this supply was the most relevant. In the upcoming spring season, which will begin very soon, the situation will remain about the same, so if you still have not had time to try such an image, now is the time to think about exactly which belt will most suit your beloved.


Another of the latest and extremely popular trends, which is a huge success among bloggers and ordinary fashionistas. You will also like this option very much if you are worried about the fact that in a voluminous sweater you cannot see your figure, and, first of all, your waist.


Another thing that is good in and of itself, but which, at the same time, can be made even better and more interesting. On the one hand, this is an ideal solution for an office wardrobe; however, after leaving work, you can safely go to a party in the same clothes, if you tie a stylish belt at the waist. The image will immediately become less formal.

Skirts with high waist

Such feminine skirts also look great with a belt. The accessory will add a highlight and sophistication to the set, and nobody can call your image an ordinary one anymore. When choosing an accessory, be sure to maintain it in the same color and style.

What should not wear a belt?

And what combinations of stylish woman is better to refuse?

Fitting things

The main task of the belt in the image: emphasize the waist, put emphasis on it. It is difficult to imagine how you can emphasize the waist, if you wear a belt over tight things. Such an image will look strange and ridiculous, as if it will not decorate you and will not recommend you as a stylish and interesting woman.

Belt with belt

What is good separately does not always look in tandem. For example, a belt and a belt in one set is just the case when the combination will look inappropriate.

Thigh clothes

This trend existed back in 2006, when girls wore jeans with a super low waist and eclectic belts. That time has passed, we changed the low landing to a high one and the belts to belts. It looks much more concise and harmonious, and the belt is better to leave for skirts and dresses.