Double punch: the magical properties of tonal serum, which you will definitely fall in love with

Serum for the face has long appeared on the shelves of many women, because they are good not only in moisturizing, but also in solving many skin problems. But serum-tone is something completely new. It has an excellent formula: milky, watery and completely light. Here's what you need to know about the new tool that will soon be in every cosmetic bag.

What is it? Easy to guess: partially serum, partially tonal tool. But, unlike other products, it is an ultra-fluid that is easily shaded and leaves no feeling that you have any cosmetic on your face.

Do I need to try? If you like the skin after moisturizer, but want to add a little more tone, then yes. One or two drops will give the effect of clear skin, but more will make you a beauty blogger from YouTube. There is only one difference: your pores will not be clogged. Means does not dry and does not fat the skin. But be careful: the consistency is very fluid, so at first it may be difficult to shade. But you can get used to it.
Tonal Cream Serum YSL Forever Youth Liberator, YSL, 4559 rub .; tonal serum Like a Doll, Pupa, 760 rubles; serum Nude Air, Dior, 4220 rubles.Where to find? Fortunately, now more and more brands are adding this tool to their range.