Flying curls: 3 bob hairstyle options that are currently in trend

Bob Haircut - the most popular and modern haircut. She is very often offered by the masters in the salons, because she has so many advantages - she looks very stylish and gives a neat look to the image, is simple in styling and has many different variations. And it fits almost any hair - straight and curly.

Women with curly hair often listen to the envious compliments of girlfriends and sigh. They know how difficult it is to cope with them. Haircut bob can be a real salvation. In order to beautifully lay the naughty strands, no need to make special efforts.

Bob with bangs

@ sacomoscow Haircuts with bangs - pretty capricious thing, and they are not suitable for everyone. For example, for girls with a round face, a short fringe will not work, it will only make it even wider. The solution will be a bob haircut with a long bang - this is a more versatile option and looks very stylish.

Bob car

@ sacomoscow Perhaps the most common celebrity haircut - and this is definitely its advantage. It is on curly hair that this option looks especially good, because you can simply comb it and leave the house without any styling.

Extra long bean

@ maandmi If you don't want to cut your hair too short, try an elongated bob. With curly hair, you can choose any option - multi-level or graduated. Then the hairstyle will definitely be voluminous.